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Who/Where is Eric Brady? This is another question that people keep writing me about, so I thought I'd post the facts about Eric.

Who is Eric Roman Brady?

The son of Roman Augustus and Marlena Evans Brady Twin brother of Samantha (Sami) Brady (he's a few minutes younger than Sami) Half-brother of Carrie Brady Grandson of Shawn and Caroline Brady A teenager, although he was born on Oct. 19, 1984 The namesake of his Great Uncle Eric Brady (Shawn's brother) who molested his Aunt Kimberly as a child; and his father, Roman

Where is Eric Brady? In late 1992, Eric and Sami went to stay with their grandparents (Marlena's parents, Frank and Martha) in Denver, Colorado. This was after a big ordeal for them. When it turned out that Roman was alive and John, who had raised Eric and Sami their entire lives (including while Marlena was presumed dead), was not their father, they both had a hard time dealing with it. They alienated John and became mean to him because they didn't know how he fit in to their new family situation. So, Marlena sent them to Denver to be with her parents for a while. At the time of his disappearance, Eric and Sami were about 8 or 9 years old In January of 1993, Sami returned to Salem (as a 15 year old), while Eric stayed with his grandparents To this day, Eric lives with his grandparents in Colorado, where he still attends school He corresponds only on rare occassions with his family What has Eric missed? To start with, Eric was not around for the birth of his half-sister, Belle, in Oct. Eric didn't seem to care that his parents got divorced in Apr. 1994 1993, nor her subsequent kidnapping by Sami He never seemed worried about the fact that his mom was possessed by the devil for many months Eric never corresponded with Sami during her ordeals, including her battle with bulimia, her rape by Alan, her pregnancy, the birth of her son (Eric's nephew), Will's kidnapping, and her near death early this year.

When will Eric return? Your guess is as good as mine No one at Days can seem to make up their mind on the subject In the past 3 years, Days writers and producers have spoke many times of their desire for Eric to return--they have even spoke of looking to cast the character soon Eric is supposed to appear in the summer of 1997. This time it seems certain, since ads have even appeared in the trade papers, advertising open auditions for the character. The Brady family ignores the fact that Eric still exists, except on very rare occasions, so they must not be dying for him to return

What will Eric be like when/if he returns? It has been speculated by both Days actors and executives, that Eric will be the one to get Sami under control Alison Sweeney says she envisions that Eric knows about all of Sami's deeds, and will stop letting her get away with anything and everything Sami's brother may be the only one she has respect for and will listen to, other than Austin At one point, it was thought that Eric might be a love interest for Jamie, but since she left this year, that obviously didn't happen

Fans cast the role of Eric Chad Allen--he played Deidre Hall's son, David, on Our House, so it would be perfect for him to play her son again on Days. They have great chemistry, and are still friends in real life. He also has a twin sister (Charity), so he'd be a natural in the role. He'd need to clean himself up a little from the way he looks as a pioneer on Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. Rick Schroeder--he doesn't seem like the serious, daytime actor type, but his looks are perfect for Eric. (Anonymous) The guy who played Zack on Saved by the Bell (Mark Paul Gosselar)--he seems to have an edge to him that I think would fit for the other Brady twin. (Susie) I pick myself, of course. ;-) (K. Michael Wilcox)

Fan thoughts on Eric and his comeback (In this section, ideas are credited to each author. I have edited them only for spelling and coherence. These are their opinions, not mine. ) They should bring him back as this really nice guy who wants Jamie (if they replace her after she moves to NY with RKK) and they could do a love triangle eventually with Lucas. Most importantly though, he must be sooooooooooo nice to Marlena and John- he should call John DAD- and even be slightly angry with Roman for deserting his family these last 2 yrs. His only adversaries should be Sami- his wayward twin- and Lucas of course. (Kate Palmer)

The Austin/Carrie/Lucas/Sami storyline must end now! We all know Austin and Carrie will be together in the end. The only way to end this madness is to convince Sami that Austin is not the only man on earth capable of making her happy. I think Eric can do it. You see, he's a good guy, yet loyal to Sami because she's his twin sister. He still sees the good in the little girl he very rapidly grew up with. I think he'll really dislike Austin and not understand what Sami sees in him. Most importantly, he will offer her unconditional love. Sami doesn't even get that from her pro-Carrie mother, Marlena. Maybe Sami will get together with Lucas, and Eric will disapprove, or a new female character will arrive in Salem for Eric and Lucas to duel over. The bottom line is, I want to root for Eric. I'd like to hope that at least one of Marlena's children turned out to be all right. Of course, there's still Belle. We all know she'll be in her first love triangle five years from now. Seven years, tops. (Marcos Leiva)

I would like to see Eric as his sister's brother, almost. I see Eric as devoted to Sami and eager for her to get what she wants. However, he is smarter and subtler, preferring to stay in the shadows. He could serve as a mediator between Sami and Vivian, two women who are all too quick to dump allies. I do see him involved in other storylines, sometimes using his skills to help others, though likely not telling them. That, or just a puckish prankster/commentator. (K. Michael Wilcox)

I always thought it very odd that Eric didn't even come into Salem when Marlena was pronounced dead (after the possession). He also missed Carrie's wedding, Marlena's latest kidnapping, his Uncle Bo's wedding to Billie and his alomst one to Hope, Hope's entire return (she is his aunt!), and I don't even think anyone has told him that Sami is married. This poor kid has missed out on everything! I think they should bring him back onto the show ASAP! Sami definitely needs some stability in her life and he is probably going to be the one to give it to her. I just hope he isn't rotten like her. That would be too much to handle! (Amy Conrad)

He would stop Sami from going for Austin. He wouldn't like Austin because he caused a rift between his sisters. He would totally hate Lucas, and since he's Sami's brother he'll scheme to keep them apart. (Since it's obvious they're going to fall for each other.) He'll be confused in his feelings for John and his Mom. He's studying to be a psychiatrist (like Marlena) He will fall in love, and of course it will be more complicated than that. (Jill Williams)

I would like to see Eric return. He would be the only one to stop Sami. She has no respect for Marlena and she never sees Roman, but she might listen to her brother. I would expect that he would be angry with Roman, act as though John was his father, and maybe even that Roman would return for some kind of family reunion/confrontation with Marlena/Sami/Eric/Belle/John. If Sami does die, then it would be a huge insult if Eric did not return. (Jarrett Welsh)

Eric could secretly have a drug/alcohol addiction from growing up with such a confused life....Marlena of course would blame herself, as would John. Sami could be the one to find out and really care about her brother, helping him. (Traci)

I think Stefano has him. No one ever hears from him, so it's entirely possible that he has been kidnapped. This would be a great way to get Marlena and Stefano together. (Traci Kishbaugh)

I think Eric should come back just as bad as Sami is and hate Austin and Carrie because his mother is so into Carrie and she is not really even Marlena's daughter. He should also be bad because all of Marlena's children are going to turn out screwed up because she was never around when it all counted. I also think that he should try to get Lucas and Sami together to get her away from Austin. (Nikki)

I feel Eric should come back as a nice person. I feel he should come back because he's finally forgiven his mom and John. I feel he would be the only one to make Sami good again. But I really think he should come back sometime for his father's funeral! Roman did mean alot to him! I also think he should be handsome, and I think MPG (Saved by the Bell) would be a good actor for him. He's got the right characteristics he's good looking, and he seems like a good actor to play a kind personality. I feel Ken Corday should bring him back soon, for every Days fan is talking about it! Dann Watson

Share your ideas about Eric--send me an email and I'll post your thoughts.



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