So Lee took it up the ass, huh?

from: M D Chapman
6:55:46 PM

Damn, that's a shame about some guy you never knew dying like that.

I want you to know that I love you, Traci. Sometimes you're the only reason I turn on my computer. I am REALLY interested in your life. I wish I had pictures of you to put on my wall here. I will gladly send you pics of me (fully-clothed of course. I'm not one of those kind of guys) in exchange.

Dying from AIDS is boring now. Soap opera actors are boring. Celebrities and pop-musicians are boring. The only thing that interests me at this point is what drives people like you! What the fuck did you do before the internet? I'm really fascinated by that question. What sort of forum did you have to vent your spleen in? How did you insinuate yourself into people's lives at that point? The Net must really be a godsend to you. Please, whatever you do, don't ever get rid of your computer. You are a fuckin goldmine, baby. I'll bury my face in that withered snatch and stay down for a week if you'll only keep typin and whinin and cryin and pushin the envelope. I can breathe through my ears by the way.

Do you react this way to the REAL people in your life? I have a feeling that you probably have a little trouble relating to folks with hair and teeth and skin who shit and have sex and stuff like that. I think that they should show soap opera stars takin a dump every now and then just to inject a little realism into the mix. Maybe this Lee Mathis guy didn't get a clean wipe, ya know? Maybe he was one of those scat-queens who paid the teenage hustlers in West Hollywood to take a shit on him while he masturbated. Would you still love and respect him if you knew the dirt on him? What if Bolton's a scat-queen? I happen to know of a famous TV band leader who pays high-dollar hookers to shit on him in the bathtub. I can't watch that show anymore without the image of him covered in dudu flashing before my eyes. What if you knew the truth about Mathis and Bolton and all those other fantasy people in your life? If Bolton asked you to squat on his chest, would you do it? :o)

Hell, I'd do it on national TV and make my senile old grandmother watch! YEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAA! Munch it, Michael! Yeah, grunt like a pig, you shiteater!

I'll have it converted to AVI format and post it at the Ranch.

Please come to the Ranch, Traci. I am SO fuckin jealous of Dr Popeye-X. You have no idea. Why do the wacked out chicks dig him so much? I'm better lookin, and I have even less of a conscience; I can prove it:o)




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