He taught us all about friendship

from: A friend of Joe Bowles
7:08:55 PM

As for the use of the word "Friend" in my headline, were we friends? Not in the true sense of the word. Did we ever sleep? Ever get together sober? No. But when someone comes into your home, through the walls, five days a week, 52 weeks a year, for as long as your supply holds out, there is a connection that occurs between the master dopefiend and the neophyte that is almost like a friendship. He's there. He talks you through the hits that seem too big. He makes you forget your problems. He holds forth and pontificates or speaks in hushed tones about the coming end of civilization as we know it. He stays up for days cleaning guns with you and reloading. He doesn't run out of the room when you start dry-firing your pistol against your skull. He doesn't steal your dope - or not much of it anyway. Isn't that what a friend is supposed to do? So in a sense, I guess I felt he was a friend. And I am truly thankful that he was in my life, even in such a small way, for these past 15 years. It hardly seems possible that it's been that long. I am a better person because he was a part of my life. Joe taught us all never to give up .... to face our problems head on with courage and determination. He taught us to sing old Negro spirituals. He taught us how to ride out the most hateful shot of dope that would kill a lesser fiend. Most of all, he taught us never to waste a moment because tomorrow, it could all be gone. Thanks for the lesson, Joe Bowles.

To make donations in memory of Joe, send them to:

Joe Bowles Memorial Street Ministries Dallas/Ft Worth Chapter 2722 Oak Lawn Ave Dallas, TX 75219

or call (214) 522-7214 and ask for Mugtoe



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