Cuteness Is Not Really It This Time, Ladies...

from: that was her whole point
5:24:27 AM

If you aren't REALLY REALLY familiar with the landscape of this entire board, then it very likely that you haven't seen every piece to this puzzle, even though its staring you in the face. Tadpole has woven the whole message into several different spots, with varying degrees of concealment, because it concerns a heavy personal situation going on in her life right now, and she has daringly told it to me right here, in front of everybody, without anybody noticing WHAT'S REALLY BEHIND IT but me. So, you actually only know half the story, and trust me, its the mild half, OK?

Tadpole has the brains AND the balls, and she has done it in a way that is powerful in its truth, and in the trust she has invested in me by allowing me a brief glimpse at some of the "heavy" stuff going on in her head. To say I'm enamored because of her undeniable "cuteness" is SO WRONG. You've missed the point of what her message was, plus, you still don't know the situation of WHY she wrote it... WHO she wrote it to... or WHAT that person's relationship is in her life. All you know is a contrived theory about brownie points, which by the way, is exactly the type of triviality she was decrying in the part you DID read.

Yes, I'm GETTING OFF on the way she's showing me her private feelings in this public forum, no question about it. I'm not INSANE, you know. I'm SUPPOSED to like it. At the same time, I'm supposed to pick-up on the fact its not just "ditzy girl" nonsense, or dirty old man salivating. I think Madame and Monde need to look a little deeper before they make up their minds about what's going on here, and that goes for anyone else who happens to "skim" this.I'm not going to give anybody any special clues I never got, so if you really wanna know what the deep side of the T-Pole POV really is, you gotta find it yourself, just like I did.

Cuteness Is Not Really It This Time, Ladies... that was her whole point.



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