whoa boy!

from: Madame .X.
6:15:55 AM

I had to read your rebuttal again to Monde's brief commentary. I thought Tadpole's defense of freedom was very well written. Anyone, at any age, of either sex whom may have written it, deserves what kudos may be granted. You may not realize it Kurt, but adding that age and sex distinction diminished the compliment. Monde likes to be clear, said it was awesome, and wondered (maybe) if you would give equal regard to the essay in an open contest, as opposed to one reserved for young ladies or only students. That's all. You might have found another paragraph for just schmoozing with the feminine side of Tadpole.

Generally, I've noticed age has nothing to do with depth of knowing: wisdom. Usually if one doesn't get it by the time they are Tadpole's age, they probably never will. Then there are some things that simply require experience but I didn't notice anything to make me think she can skip any steps.

It's too bad that she dislikes most people and finds nothing to respect in her fellow humankind. She'll outgrow that I hope. Saying freedom is granted by a greater society is total socialist crap. We may agree to organize ourselves for various common interests ie: defense of Our shores, research, knowledge, infra- structure etc. We'de still be living in caves if not for building upon the shoulders of our ancestors, each other; when and if we need or want too! But Freedom itself dwells in me, whole and complete. Life depend on it. Knows. Is.

People who think they know what people think, feel, need and then at the same time loathe them, are the most dangerous people there are. I don't care how educated, or trained in marching those human monkey nazi youth are, they'll tell you that you're too stupid to have a destiny of your own, you must join and obey the New One World Reich.

Read it again Kurt, well written, some good and valid points, some serious flaws of substance.



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