You don't even know who its written to, or why...

from: ppx
11:19:59 AM

I maintain you don't even know what you've been reading.

1. It wasn't written for this board or you.

2. It wasn't meant to pass the wriing judgement of anybody, much less complete strangers who know nothing about the people involved.

3. It was posted here to show me what's going on in her life, not to impress you or Monde, or to pass your test in any way. How you got off onto that track, I don't know, nor do I care. Why?

4. You don't even know what you're reading, its not here for YOUR CRITIQUE, it never was. You haven't even discovered the document that explains WHY it was written, WHO it was written to, or the real life circumstances involved, if you had, trust me, lovE, you WOULD NOT be saying ANYTHING. Its not an English term paper, OK? Its a life or death situation, and I will not allow you to belittle it any further. You're not catching on quick enough to what its really about. Its over now. Move on. It was a misunderstanding, ON YOUR PART, but very understandable, so you're in the clear. Now, stay that way by shutting up early.

Are you 100% SURE you know everything you need to know? I'm 100% sure you DON'T. That was written as a private personal message to someone else entirely, she only posted it here to show me something very heavy, and very personal. I am in awe of it. I am in awe that a woman her age wrote it. I am honored that she would show it to ME. If that's not "good enough" for you and Monde, fine, kindly FUCK OFF! Its none of your goddamn business, anyway, is it?

Who are you to judge her? Does she get to judge you in return? Let's post some of your private family tragedy writings, then let her friends critique it without knowing any of the people, or the circumstances involved, you know, like an essay in junior college? Are you catching my drift here? I appreciate what she wrote, TO THE MAX, and that's all that really matters.

I'll mail you the URL to clue you in, but I would appreciate you not coming back in here and commenting on it, unless its just to say you're sorry. Its private, Erica. I'm kinda disappointed at your lack of sensitivity. Its ok, you just have no idea what you've been reading.



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