To The Fans

from: Arthur Brown
1:59:43 AM

Arthur Brown To The Fans Jun 3 08:24:24 2000

Hello Fans Well it looks like we’ll have our new CD released in may. We are enjoying recording, working 12 Hours a day to get it finished. We are working on an analogue basis, because we like the sound better that way. I Consider that the way money matters are structured at the moment reflects the economic slavery & spiritual materialism we have descended into. One of its aspects in the rock music world is that a group works hard to make songs famous, and then all the money from song writing goes to the writer of the song. After the peak of their performing, this often leads to one member of the group getting rich off song writing while the others endure poverty. So much for the group Spirit. In our band we share money right across the board, even though my name is the famous one and I write the material (Often by myself though also with other people). In this year the split is 50% to me and 16 2/3 % each of all earnings by the band, Next year it will be 2/5 to me and 1/5 to each for the rest. The next year we split all equally. A band has a spirit, Each member is a vital part of this spirit. They all contribute with their being. The contributions are bound by love. Let us get rid of the need to dominate, control, and have power over others, which leads to hierarchies and the need to gather more money than others.

Arthur Brown,



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