It Has Got To Stop

from: Some Busy Body Old Bitch
11:39:56 PM

Well behaved grown-ups should be generally free to consume moderate quantities of gently intoxicating substances in the privacy of their homes. But as with all pleasures of the flesh, the fun should be restricted to willing participants. This drugging passing strangers or innocent furry little animals has to stop. Two callous examples:

Tabitha, a four month old kitten from Illinios in the US, has been placed in protective custody. A college lad was dobbed in by his room mate, who saw the cat came out of a room where marijuana was being smoked in “lethargic and intoxicated” state. [Irrelevant aside - this was in a town called Normal - which cause weak amusement to those in NZ, where 'Normal' is the political lobby group seeking to legalise consumption of the weed]

Two unnamed 19 year olds recovered from being fed hash cookies in Melbourne Australia – while the baker has been convicted and given a two month suspended sentence. Alexander McLean served the apparently very yummy cookies to the American Mormons who'd accepted his offer to come in for a chat. After they left the two began to feel “most peculiar”, with symptoms including distorted vision and hearing. Suspecting themselves to be victims of a gas leak, they both checked into hospital . . . where tests were positive for cannabis.

McLean said the Mormons were nice young clean cut guys and "If they knock on our door again they are quite welcome to come in and have a cup of coffee and a biscuit”, and promised he won’t be making any more special recipe cookies.



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