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Date: 6/7/00
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>>from ppx's previous postLo And Behold...<<
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216.198: How dare you challenge my journalistic integrity! Please, if nothing else, have a little respect for the decency you're trying so desperately to uphold. I'm not the liar, YOU ARE. You have yet to PROVE anything, you're just talking about yourself to yourself, and lo and behold, you even agree with yourself!>>

209.74: For the final time, I am not who you claim I am so knock it off!

216.198: I, on the other hand, tend to view your INSANELY JEALOUS accusations with a modicum of levity, its not the first time a JILTED lady wanted her revenge. You will literally say anything, or do anything, just to have the vaguest chance of maybe someday getting back together with me. I'm telling you now, openly and HONESTLY, that marriage bullshit you keep pressuring me about ain't never gonna happen. I only used you, OK? You were a stepping stone on the pathway to greater poontang, and I've TAKEN that step. I'm not going to let you manipulate my phobias about sexual addiction on the Internet, to the point where I have to give all kinds of WARNINGS about tits!

209.74: My, my. You certainly have a very active imagination. No woman in their right mind would ever want you. And I seriously doubt if Traci was interested in you at all. As a matter of fact, I am sure she wasn't. You are sick.

216.198: I showed the world your breasts, is it too much to ask that you show me these 'alleged' printouts of my 'so-called' lies?

209.74: They weren't mine... they were supposed to be Traci's. The key phrase being "supposed to be". And you certainly made sure people believed it, didn't you? Your problem is you don't care one bit if your words or actions causes someone pain. You have no conscience and should not even be allowed on the internet.

216.198: By the way, thanks for the tips! I checked the log, same pattern for sure, so now I search the pattern, so I can get the pages AND the IP#'s. I got it all squared away now, I owe you one, actually two.

209.74: I have no idea what the heck this statement is supposed to mean.

216.198: As far as the FLA thing goes, you have changed the story so many times, is it my fault if I'm not up on the latest explanation to the explanation of how it was exactly that you 'shut down an e-mail service'? Is that supposed to be something really helpful, like America's Most Wanted, only retarded? Is it any wonder you got 'death threats'? Isn't that what people blurt out when some unsolicited soap opera nazi keeps contacting them, scolding them about how they should behave? I have ALWAYS asked you, where was it? Who was it? What city? What's the names? I've always thought you were LYING because you've never told me any details about it, yet, somehow I know all about your vain-glorious self-back patting rituals of posting and bragging about how 'good' you are. I've also asked you 1000 times to tell me ONE person you have actually HELPED in your life, and all you could do was throw up lies about these dead soap opera faggot buttfuckers from Hollywood, like you helped them by talking in a chat room ONE TIME, and you have no goddamn way of knowing if you're talking to the real guy, or not! But to you, it means many years of going on public display as you tell the world of your fabulous accomplishments, about all the filthy languaged websites you 'wanted down'. In truth, you've never stopped a single e-mail from rearing up and KICKING YOUR ASS for even catching its attention.

209.74: Just how am I supposed to know any of these details. Since I am not Traci, I wouldn't know squat about this. And I wouldn't blame Traci for not telling you anything since it is none of your damn business. Quit sticking your nose where it doesn't belong, jerk!

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P. S. Traci, you must believe me, I promise you...  without any doubt whatsoever... you have a serious fucking mental problem.



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