Lo and Behold,
You Even Agree
With Yourself!

216.198:::vs :::209.74

"You have yet to PROVE anything, you're just talking about yourself, to yourself, and lo and behold, you even agree with yourself!"

"For the final time, I am not who you claim I am so knock it off!"

216.198: You ARE yourself, aren't you? I'm not 'claming' you're anyone except "YOU", I have no other way of referring to you, unless I call you, "YOU". Whoever you wanna say you are is fine with me, I honestly don't care if you are, or you aren't.

I simply said,
"YOU have yet to prove anything..."

which is a true statement

I also said,
"you're just talking about yourself to yourself..."

when you say you aren't Tacki, you are, in fact, talking "about yourself", right?

no one is going to believe you aren't yourself, until you PROVE you aren't,
that's only fair.

So, no matter who you SAY you are, whoever it is, you are that other "YOU" only "to yourself", until you PROVE it to someone else besides yourself, preferably ME, but I'll settle for the tiniest crumb of circumstantial evidence. ANYTHING you've got to show me, I'll look at it, and I'll even give you the benefit of any doubt
(which I don't have).

And yet, you offer NOTHING,
not even your name...

while you're supposedly insisting
I alter my thinking to suit your "story"?

I merely changed my wording
to include both possibilities,

YOU'RE the one who has conflicts with the presets in YOUR head, i. e. who exactly the word, "YOU", is referring to...

check my wording, you might notice everything I say is 100% true

So don't demand I knock it off, that's like saying I don't have the right make up my own mind about the issue, as if I'm condemned to relying on you to provide me all the necessary information, which I am not. The whole point is I DISAGREE, therefore, I will NEVER "knock it off", unless, of course, you can PROVE I'm wrong... can you?

but, if all you do is talk, without offering some solid resemblance of PROOF,

but, just saying the same slogans, over and over, about how 'right' you are,

and about how 'wrong' everybody else is, especially PPX, etc.

then, it shows me one thing, FOR SURE, right off the bat... and that is THIS:

"lo and behold, you even agree with yourself!"

~surprise, surprise, surprise~

that isn't proof, neither is telling yourself something inside your head, neither is printing out text that agrees with those thoughts, neither is posting messages that only say "rah, rah, rah for my side! go team, go!". You have to actually SCORE goals, ON THE FIELD, with a BALL, against formidable OPPONENTS. The cheerleader thing is just for show. Saying "Yippy Skippy For ME!" endlessly won't make you a convincing imbecile
factor in
216.198 offering 100% truth
209.74 offering 0% proof
there is only one possible result
do the math, sparky
the numbers don't lie
apparently YOU DO

P. S. Traci, take a hint, you brain is deteriorating every time you enter my website.

ppx would like to thank Her Royal SLiness
for the unauthorized use of "sparky"



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