Has Popeye-X Finally Fallen? or Has Tacki Finally Flipped Her Lid?

Lo And Behold...
Who The Fuck Is Traci Kishbaugh? click here to find out....*199.224* How interesting You changed your post to make me look like a liar.

*216.198* Excuse me? I most certainly did no such thing! Since when did you NOT "look like a liar", anyway? Perhaps I struck a nerve, eh? I wouldn't want to have anything to do with you, even if I were a lesbian!

*199.224* Unfortunately for you, I printed out the original message. (The proof you said I didn't have.)

*216.198* I don't see anything unfortunate about it at all. Anybody can print out anything they want, any time they want, besides, you never SHOWED ME the proof, did you? (Its the proof I STILL say you don't have, so nothing has changed at all.)

*119.224* In part, it says "Tacki Fishkebob is always 199.224. ANYTIME it says 199.224, the message was posted from Traci Kishbaugh's computer."

*216.198* Every sentence is true. Where's the supposed lie? The "always"? Tacki Fishkebob WAS always 199.224... always until that post, and I've been checking Tacki's posted IP#'s since the Fray, August '99. Every single check I ever did was 199.224, so I didn't even come close to "lying". Show me ONE example ANYWHERE it WASN'T 199.224!

*199.224* Your original message never had anything about 209.74 before I caught you in your lie, and now it does. Try getting yourself out of this one.

*216.198* EXACTLY! If the "original message never said anything about 209.74", how can it be a lie? I NEVER said it, right? You can't catch me in a lie I NEVER told, can you? So, I don't have anything to get myself out of, do I? It was just your erroneous assumption, which is not my responsibility. If your thoughts turn out to be untrue, that's clearly YOUR OWN fault. My words did not deceive you, your mind deceived itself, the fact that you call me a liar for something you said I didn't ever say, is proof that you are the one who's lying about me lying, and the one who is willing to lie to cause trouble is YOU.

*199.224* All you want to do is cause trouble, even if you have to lie to do it.

*216.198* Apparently I have you to WANT it for me. You say I want to "cause trouble"... What trouble? I would think NOT saying something would be no trouble at all, and obviously, I don't have to lie to "cause" NOT saying something, do I? All I have to do is NOT say it, which is no trouble at all. I wasn't even aware I "didn't" say it until you brought it to my attention, so my first exposure to it was FROM you. Therefore, you must have "caused" it, because, like YOU said, I never mentioned it, or even knew about it, did I?

*199.244* You just never planned on getting caught.

*216.198* That is very true. Since I never said it, and I never knew I didn't say it, obviously I would have "never planned" on any repercussions coming from it. The fact is, I never knew about it AT ALL. Your post as 209.74 was the first time I ever caught wind of it, so what was the "LIE" I was caught telling? You don't get to 'catch me doing' something until AFTER I do it, correct? As soon as you informed me that there was another IP#, I looked on that exact same page you said it to me on, and up by the blank space, where your name WASN'T typed, I looked, and sure enough, there it was, But that was the FIRST time I ever heard of it, or laid eyes on it... all of it AFTER you 'caught' me! So, I ran my own tests to check for PROOF of the 209.74 'theory', and my server log confirmed that 209.74 was not only in there, but behaved identically to 199.224. (And I do mean IDENTICALLY, Tacki! You are truly a creature of habit, maybe even Y2K's Poster Child For Mindless Repetition.)

*199.224* It seems someone finally got one up on you, and it ain't Traci. What a shame. Popeye has finally fallen.

*216.198* One UP on me? How so? That was GOOD news, not bad news. When you told me you had two IP#'s, that only INCREASED the "known" amount of Tacki-click visitations to my MINDBLOWING website, exactly as listed on the utterly relentless "TACKI FISHKEBOB: 103 Pages in 3 Days" page. Thanks to you, I get to ad 23 MORE "Tacki Clicked Titles", and ONE extra day to it, so by tomorrow, I reckon I'll be calling it, "TACKI FISHKEBOB: 126 Pages in 4 Days". If that's taking a fall, give me more, PLEASE! I like the way you claim tipping me off is "GETTING ONE UP" on me. Within a matter of two minutes, I had the new IP#'s checked, logged, and listed! That so-called "shame", as you attempt to characterize it, turned out to be quite an entertaining thread, with a wider range of people posting SHIT to the TT's than ever before! I particularly liked Jiffylube's "Hail Mary" pass, and my own lovely creation called, "YOUR PROBLEM IS QUITE OBVIOUS". Your Wacki Tacki logic is so flawed, the way you struggle to 'rig' each sentence, trying to depict what happened as being my "loss"... haha, its "Stickin' Out Like A Big Purple Sore Thumb", you bitch! The rampant jealousy and unbridled hate you harbor for PPX has obviously damaged your brain on a PERMANENT basis.

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P. S. I repeat, Traci, trust me, you have a serious fucking mental problem.



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