I've Got Two Ticks On My Pair Of Dice

from: Stevie Cureton
Date: 6/9/00
Time: 4:18:28

Here's a "go-to" www.chasebanksucks.com Pretty funny shit. Also, with permission from "Heir Spiderness" ... could you give me contact information on Mike Taylor. We had a fairly good time at the Folklife deal. I think the period that I was planning to get that info was right before it rained on our collective asses. During set-up he brought up "Two Ticks on my Pair of Dice." I reluctantly explained that I was already "hep" to that. He then went into the story of his "soldier playing" days in the woods & the colony of ticks that chose his scrotal area. Those scrotums must be the filet mignon, the Dom Perignon, the Beluga Cavier, the Rolls Royce...etc of tick nirvana. Scrotums, what can I say. When the woman in my life (or that night, retrospectively) kissed or sucked that thing, I figured they at least liked me. When I think about that vulnerable portion of my physical self,,I can't remember many times when I received a hit to my "pair 'o dice." Howevern, I have polled some fellow sound or crew folks & asked if they were ever wrapping up a mic cable or similar...in a fast fashion & got "hit" in the "nards." About 87% knew exactly what I was saying. I remember a time (& not much more) when one of those XLR connectors swung right in there. I mean, REALLY RIGHT IN THERE. Half way into one of the "disciples" & truly without choice, I drop to my knees & moaned. I've tried to modify my wrapping style to keep that from ever happening again.

Hope all is well at Otto Industries.
Kisses & good thoughts
from Stevie

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