from: The wicked cerebellum of Stevie Si'
3:45:56 AM

Ahhh, those weren't the days..right Popeye Eqeeze? Actually, we were so weird & connected that we managed to have a good time. Of course it didn't hurt that our personal shit was still working & seemed basically untouched. My comment about the sideways headlights actually may be the "reigning king" of my lifetime understatements. I said "Well, I guess we should go back." I have no doubt the Dr. P came back with "naw." We were in a rental car: bass player/singer? driving, (soon to be AC30less) guitar player-passenger seat, Popeye-X back seat philosophizing keyboredust, myself-sound martyr-other back seat position. The driver said "oh shit." I turned in time to see impact. Then the vehicle that hit near the gas tank, completely halted & actually popped back some. The truck with a tall box was making a u-turn & caught it right behind the cab. It bounce up & down like an ungraceful elephant dance. It started tipping & hit the pavement & slid, making some impressive sparks. This all happened in seconds. I was witnessing my own Peckinpah movie. It felt weird walking back to see the status of everybody/everything. The guy in the car was "fucked up" but very aware of his pain & seemed okay. I went to the truck. The "box" kept the cab off of the ground. We looked inside for a second until the passenger window opened & things began to fall out...acoustic gtr, jambox, icechest, hat & then a drummer & a roadie-type. They escaped with minor injuries. Lotsa equipment "bought it". Next to the AC30, the most impressive kindling was the pair of JBL 4560s w/15" speaker cabinets. Not much left of them! Back to the town south to take one of the lads to the emergency clinic & get another truck went all but Popeye-X & meeself. We threw some musical noises towards the aliens. The funniest moment is when PPX blamed the whole incident on one of the gtr players farts. That boy was on a so-called "healthy" blender diet. Maybe, it was heavy on the garlic that day. I will agree that those "flatches" could hit like nerve gas. PPX believed that when we were "blessed" with that aroma, it caused the driver to take the wrong turn. Still under the influence of that fog, the driver turned around & the truck attempted to follow. Which sets the stage for one-horse town globulating. Too fabulously weird, still.



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