Tim Usavage Makes The News

from: Stash
4:10:24 PM

As you may or may not know our friend Tim likes to play in the mud, he's even a member of some group called "the slammers" apparently people who like to play in the mud. well he came over for a visit last weekend and said he was going swimming in the ponds we have here (on my parents ranch we have 2 ponds one is about 4 acres the other is about 1 1/2 acres) he usually visits on weekends and goes swimming. It was a Sunday night so I turned in early for work on Monday. Apparently instead of going to the ponds as usual he decided to take a hike over to the sand pit on the far end of the ranch where they are mining sand. Due to the big rains that week there was alot of water in the pit so he went in and I guess buried himself in the mud, but being sand and not clay he sank much deeper than I guess he intended to. In fact up to his chest and couldn't get out. Since he was about 2 miles from my house we couldn't hear him yelling for help, fortunately some kids bashing mailboxes with a baseball bat heard him but they didn't tell anyone untill the sheriff caught them 3 hours later. The sheriff returned and could not pull him out, 2 more sheriffs couldn't either so they called the fire department from LaVernia, they couldn't budge him either so they called in a crane from Stockdale and hooked him up to a mountaineering rig and hoisted him out with the crane. Finally getting him out at 6AM, He got stuct at 10pm the night before. Next morning he was sitting on my porch all bedraggled and dirty waiting for a ride home on my way to work. This week the whole story (minus names) was in the wilson county news. -Stash



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