I Know Why...

from: webastard-x
8:32:38 AM

The reason they no longer post is because their replies were BURIED in dozens of Stash posts with one URL in them. That's what happens when you use a Table Of Contents as your own personal posting page. Its such a simple discipline to merely create a LIST and post it, I can't understand where the urge breaks down. Maybe its the instant gratification of not having to make a LIST, I don't know, but there's no doubt in my mind where the urge to READ and RESPOND went, it was smothered. And I also notice, since I brought this to your attention, there has not been even ONE example of a URL LIST posted by you. Is it that hard to open Word and paste in a URL? You could do that for a week, then post the end result, like say, every Friday afternnoon, Stash's weekly LIST with his commentary. Why not? Its the SAME THING. This board will remain dead as a doornail, until you lighten it up by DOING EXACTLY WHAT I ASKED YOU TO DO in the first place. Conversely, you could email URL lists to yourself, compile them when you get home, and then post the end result, AFTER THE LIST STACKS UP, instead of stacking it in this Table Of Contents that USED to have a participating audience.

Why is it so impossible to actually TRY what I actually said? I know what your reaction will be: You won't post ANYTHING for a while, then, you'll go back to the exact same proceedure, only a little less.

Can you say "word processor"? You should investigate it sometime, its a couple of clicks EASIER than a message board post. You seem to like EASY, why not try it out? Maybe the audience will come back, if you give them some space to EXIST.

Think about the concepts I've outlined here. Personally, I like your URL's, I don't think nipping them in the bud is the right answer. I much prefer that you "wipe your own ass" over "never taking a shit again", but of course, I already know you won't listen to a single suggestion I make, it "hurts your feelings".

Why can't we just cut the crap, and move on? Its about time, don't you think? Hmmmm....?

There... I've answered your post.



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