from: Stash
11:38:18 AM

This is not and never has been a matter of hurt feelings, it is simply a matter of facts:

FACT #1: The only reason I began posting urls at all is to try to breathe some kind of life into a clearly lifeless bulletin board, it often went weeks between posts long before I ever posted anything at all, I was trying to spark some kind of response.

FACT #2: Whenever I would go even a relatively short period without posting YOU WOULD POST BEGGING ME NOT TO STOP POSTING! Examples: http://www.popeye-x.com/antippx/00000484.htm http://www.popeye-x.com/antippx/000003c4.htm

FACT #3: These URL’s consumed a considerable amount of time to find and evaluate. Time and effort that was donated as a courtesy to try to keep the message Board from dying the slow death it was obviously headed for.

FACT#4: I was actually not wanting to post any more of them because it was consuming too much Time and I really was not upset before (with Madame E) but thought it would be a good excuse not to have to post more but you begged me so much to not stop posting that I felt obligated to post more of them.

FACT#5: In the 23 days since you suggested the list method: http://www.popeye-x.com/antippx/00000485.htm I have posted only 10 URL’s, hardly enough to bury any other posts. It was only an average of one every 2.3 days, hardly what I would call an avalanche of URL posts.

FACT#6: I Was in fact working on just such an index page for posting URLS In fact it was about 80% completed.

FACT#7: Far from my feelings being upset, my predominant feeling now is one of relief, I am pleased that I am now freed from the task of keeping the message board Alive And I am now contented to let it die the natural death that it was headed for all along.

FACT#8: I never intended nor wanted to be any kind of a nuisance or to make unwanted Postings, and will remedy the situation immediately.

FACT #9: It really is time to move on just as you said, in fact, I was ready to move on long ago. I will delay it no longer.

FACT #10: Anyone who does not like any of the 9 preceeding facts can kiss my ass.

So as you can see, it’s just a matter of facts, and as a matter of fact I have a lot of more important things to spend my time on. I’ve wasted much too much time here already. I may still look in from time to time but not on any consistent basis. -Stash



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