That's abuse!

from: mr. "bad"
5:33:03 PM

Sorry, you can't bail that easy. If you did, that would be "abuse". Nope, you're just gonna have to stay and keep posting URL's. If you had submitted a giant list, THEN said you were splitting, I MIGHT not have a problem, but you can't just LEAVE when nobody wants you to. If you did, that would constitute abuse.

As far as I'm concerned, you're "family", and you ain't going nowhere. We won't let you, so you might as well shove those facts, especially the one about this being a DEAD board. It is no such thing. If it were, you wouldn't be reading this now, nor would I be typing it.

By cut the crap, I mean exactly the kind of tantrum reaction you supplied, so again, you don't get cooperation until you give it.

That was a pretty good LIST of facts, come to think of it, but I clearly requested URL's, with commentaries.

Why is it I can't have my way on this?

Until I get my way at least ONCE, I don't consider my side of it to be given a "fair" chance. Considering all the work I've put into it, it would be nice to at least feel like I'm being judged for the words I actually said. I always get the feeling I said something else, which I did not.

I also don't see any reason for what I said to be taken negatively, like its mandatory. I get real tired of walking on eggshells, I finally just start saying what I think, without any gloss-over. Why should that be taken as "bad"? It wasn't MEANT as "bad" in any way, if anything, I thought it was funny. I resent being treated in a way that doesn't match my actions at all.

I repeat: Why is it I can't have my way on this?

I'll guarantee you I'm going to get my way in the end. I promise you that. Its just a matter of whether you're going to help me, or are you going to make me do ALL the work, ALL the time? I WILL do it, no doubt about it. I just think its pussy to "do" it to me, then "blame" it on me.



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