from: Zippy
12:59:51 PM


Gilt and red plush. Rococo bar backed by pink shell.

The air is cloyed with a sweet evil substance like

decayed honey. Men and women in evening dress sip

pousse-cafes through alabaster tubes. Mugwump sits

naked on a bar stool covered in pink silk.

He licks warm honey from a crystal goblet with a long

black tongue. His genitals are perfectly formed -- cir-

cumcised cock, black shiny pubic hairs. His lips are

thin and purple-blue like the lips of a penis, his eyes

blank with insect calm. Mugwump has no liver,

maintaining himself exclusive on sweets. Mugwump

pushes a slender blond youth to a couch and strips him


"Stand up and turn around," he orders in telepathic

pictographs. He ties the boy's hands behind him with

a red silk cord. "Tonight we make it all the way."

"No, no!" screams the boy.

"Yes. Yes."

Cocks ejaculate in silent "yes." Mugwump part silk

curtains, reveal a teak wood gallows against lighted

screen of red Hint. Gallows is on a dais of Aztec


The boy crumples to his knees with a long

"OOOOOOOOH," shitting and pissing in terror. He

feels the shit warm between his thighs. A great wave

of hot blood swells his lips and throat. His body con-

tracts into a foetal position and sperm spurts hot into

his face. The Mugwump dips hot perfumed water from

alabaster bowl, pensively washes the boy's ass and

A warm wind plays over the boys body and the hairs float


Mugwump puts a hand under the boy's chest and pulls

him to his feet. Holding him by

both pinioned elbows, propels him up the steps and under

the noose. He stands in front of the boy

holding the noose in both hands. The boy looks into

Mugwumps eyes blank as obsidian mirrors,

pools of black blood, glory holes in a toilet wall closing on

the Last Erection. An old garbage

collector, face fine and yellow as Chinese ivory, blows

The Blast on his dented brass horn, wakes

the Spanish pimp with a hard-on. Whore staggers out

through dust and shit and litter of dead

kittens, carrying bales of aborted foetuses, broken con-

doms, bloody Kotex, shit wrapped in

bright color comics. A vast still harbor of iridescent water.

Deserted gas well flares on the smoky

horizon. Stink of oil and sewage. Sick sharks swim

through the black water, belch sulphur from

rotting livers, ignore a bloody, broken Icarus. Naked Mr.

America, burning frantic with self bone.

Mugwump slips the noose over the boy's head and

tightens the knot caressingly behind the left

ear. The boy's penis is retracted, his balls tight. He looks

straight ahead breathing

deeply. Mugwump sidles around the boy goosing him and

caressing his

genitals in hieroglyphs of mockery. He moves in behind

the boy with a series of

bumps and shoves his cock up the boy's ass. He stands

there moving in circular gyrations. The

guests shush each other, nudge and giggle. Suddenly

Mugwump pushes the boy forward into

space, free of his cock. He steadies the boy with hands on

the hip bones, reaches up with his

stylized hiero- glyph hands and snaps the boy's neck. A

shudder passes through the boy's body.

His penis rises in three great surges pulling his pelvis up,

ejaculates immediately. Green sparks

explode behind his eyes. A sweet tooth- ache pain shoots

through his neck down the spine to the

groin, contracting the body in spasms of delight. His whole

body squeezes out through his cock.

A final spasm throws a great spurt of sperm across the

red screen like a shooting star. The boy

falls with soft gutty suction through a maze of penny

arcades and dirty pictures. A sharp turd

shoots clean out his ass. Farts shake his slender body.

Skyrockets burst in green clusters across a

great river. He hears the faint put-put of a motor boat in

jungle twilight.... Under silent wings of

the anopheles mosquito.

The Mugwump pulls the boy back onto his cock.

The boy squirms, impaled like a speared fish. The

Mugwump swings on the boy's back, his body con-

tracting in fluid waves. Blood flows down the boy's

chin from his mouth, half-open, sweet, and sulky in

death. Mugwump falls with a fluid, sated plop at his




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