Re: quality of paraphenalia aka "rig-a-marole"

from: demitria monde thraam
7:05:30 PM

back in my days of profligate self-abuse via needlepoint activities, i was awfully thankful that i lived in san francisco, because we've got the good folks at prevention point doing the needle exchange thing every other wednesday afternoon. each time they set it up it was on one of three streets frequented by "the IV leaguers" - 14th and mission, taylor and eddy, haight and steiner, and market & 7th. i can remember them well because when i had that heroin symbiosis thing going with my ex-boyfriend/junk buddy, it was always my job to wrap up all the old points and trundle off to needle exchange, stand in line and then exchange them for bright shiny new ones. they even gave you cookers and tourniquets and cotton balls (to try to keep people from using cigarette butt filters for cottons, which are terribly un-antiseptic) and finally of course they'd send you off with a smile and a strip of little condom packets, because they damn well knew how a junkie girl affords her fixes...and i had to whore for two and not just one. it was definitely symbiosis. i did the whoring and got the rigs exchanged, and B. scored the dope and helped me hit up (and i really needed him for that, since i couldn't do it by myself.)

when i look back on these lovely days (i'm being facetious here) i can definitely see that i was kind of being taken advantage of. but as long as i got my hit every day i didn't give a damn. and it WAS a pain in the ass to hit me, i had the worst veins on the planet and sometimes he'd have to spend a fucking hour trying to get a register. so maybe it worked out about even.

it's all dirty water under the bridge now. there are better drugs to do, and better means of doing them than that one.



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