the real abuse

from: popeye-x
8:10:06 PM

yeah, your caption is great

I really regret being an ignorant idiot

If I knew anything about cgi scripting, I could customize the message board so anybody could just modify any post at will. it would be interesting as hell to see certain posts and their cousins evolve and connect up, with links, jokes, references, complaints, etc.

I've heard that a language called Perl is the "duct tape of the Internet", if I could get a grip on that, combined with my moron's capacity for html, I think I could actually fake it pretty good, for sure enough to create some features that woul d be funny and creative, instead of this 'cement sidewalk' with jillions of concrete squares and one or two smiley faces drawn in each one

I'd like to write on one post for about 6 months, maybe have an actual CONVERSATION or DIALOG, these are all interactive features that are the natural follow thru of this process, but MicroSoft, in its infinite corporate wisdom, has determined its "not necessary" to "let" us yokels have some choice. They cover the world with a system dedicated to versatility and change, but in the end, they reserve all the "choice" for themselves, and opt to give us all ONE PRESET square box, so the WHOLE WORLD can be UNIFORM, because guess what? Its CHEAPER to put us all in identical "cells", that way they can keep their products as simple as possible, that way they can CONTROL it all more efficiently, plus there won't be a bunch of new OUTSIDE ideas popping up and ruining the Gravy Train just because they didn't happen to think of the next "fad". It happened before, when these GENIUSES created the whole Windows system, but failed to do their homework enough to forsee the rise of BROWSER usage in the World Wide Web, and that's how Netscape got their toehold, they knew a few years ahead of MicroSoft where the whole thing was going. MicroSoft FREAKED out and started including Internet Explorer in Windows. Those goddamn idiots invented all this shit, but they didn't even know how to use it, because they're only interested in knowing how to SELL it, they don't have the capacity to OBSERVE what their CUSTOMERS are doing with it. They only notice somethings happening because Netscape was winding up with "their" money. Only then did they even snap to what the Internet was really going to be like, which is looking at a browser window like you are right now.

that fucking attitude, "big people" deciding for the little people what we need and don't need, DECIDING FOR US, is the biggest abuse of all.

talk about a big gaping asshole in your face....

and that is exactly why this message board is so limited in its interaction capabilities... it was decided by accountants that we don't need to "look under the hood" or "make our own banana bread", instead they feed us standard issue government approved TV dinners...

you are experiencing the INEVITABLE decline of GOVERNMENT CHEESE...

now, I think I see a post or two I DON'T LIKE... some big mouth small brained asshole is trying to start shit...

popeye-x does have one good ace up his sleeve they forgot about..... or never knew was possble

I can edit... any page I want, any way I want...

and, best of all, I got their fucking IP#!!!!

it is so simple to locate their server, find out who they are, nuke the shit out of their computer with viruses, plus just drive over to their house, shoot them and their kids in the head, and burn the whole motherfucker down, without any warning.... except for this sentence I'm writing now....



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