Re: Your rearch is appreciated

from: Madame
2:57:19 PM

I am always amazed at how and where you find the oddest, obscure information. Anyway yesterday I went down to the Capital for a demonstration against "THE WAR ON DRUGS". Apparently, Texas was the first with a law making maryjane illegal. (year I don't know)It was their way of being able to bust Mexicans as they crossed the border.

Remember a few years back when we sent military to parole the border? We pulled them back only after a 17 year old boy was shot and killed while herding goats. The reason: he fit the profile of what a drug runner might look like.

There was a woman there with Loe Gerig's desease. Once dianosed, one has about 4 years to live. She's lived 15 years longer so far because even though her doctor would prescribe marijuana for her (the only proved treatment), she has to buy it black market 'cause the DEA says if you have this disease you must die rather than smoke pot. She lives with the fear of her door being kicked down in the middle of the nite.

Fortysix parents from a town of 5000 near Amarillo are in prison after someone with a personal issue pointed the finger of cocaine at them. There was no evidence but... they are black and outnumber by bigots.

It seems to be the politally correct method to point your finger at anyone. Like I say, it's NAZI SS; viscious, corrupt. By the way, there was cops against THE WAR against citizens there too.



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