free the pygmys!

from: dangerous dave
8:13:14 AM

i am speaking on behalf of my good neighbours the pygmys we MUST free them before the apocalypse begins to immense it is very important that you listen and follow my instructions carefully if this operation is to carried out sucessfully: #1 once striped with copious amounts of oxen urination, you must follow your nasal cavaty to the BARN, (if you are a local african-american, you may consider building a wig-wam for this section as we understand how distressing ruminating in a BARN can be) #2 do as the rule says inside your monkey's left shoe. #3 fly over to old mr.mathers at the least local filling station and ask him the following three and a half questions; "are you mr.mathers, the man you forsaken so claim to be?" "is that a dead mongoose under your car? "who did you think you were fooling when you put on red trousers with an orange vest this morning? "when will you-"

#4 after he has either a)answered reluctantly to such poop b)look at you and your co-collegues as if you have a piece of sellotape attached to the end of your nose(not to mention that the other end of the sellotape is attached to a circumcised male doorhandle) #5 drink large and copious amounts of hard fermented liquor; this will help to erase all memory of of stripping off nekkid and freeing lots and lots of pygmys.

i thank you for your compensation i will regret to be informed of this memmo tomorrow or maybe the day after when i have sobered up. -you ARE mum aren't you? mum....?





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