Nice going, Tacki!

from: Jiffylube
11:01:07 PM

Holy backfire!

Golly whiz, Tacki, you've really outdone yourself this time.

You complained to the Better Business Bureau? And tried to convince them his website is part of Otto Industries? That is so lame, it's hilarious! Like mine, PPX's business probably exists for "tax" purposes than anything else. Since it's listed as a recording studio, your whining horseshit about his website will simply mystify anyone who bothers to read your complaint. Yo, dumbass, even if you had a legitimate complaint, the BBB only keeps complaints on file -- someone would actually have to call the BBB in advance of "doing business" with PPX and ask if there were any complaints. And then, even if your completely wacky complaint was on file, and I seriously doubt whether it will be, they'd have to figure out just what the fuck you are talking about.

Face it, stupid, it just isn't gonna happen.

What you DID manage to do was:

1. Give PPX -- and by proxy, everyone on the goddamn internet -- your address, phone number, and e-mail address!

2. Convince yet another goverment agency that you are some sort of whacko, which you are. Do you really think you're the first whacko-tattletale with a made-up story the BBB has ever seen? I can't believe that you don't know that they'll brush you off.

3. Continue to perpetuate the whole thing between you and PPX. Jesus, you are stupid! All you had to do was ignore him. He'd lose interest if you didn't continue to freak out and do dumb shit from time to time. You're looking at this board every day, and you KNOW he knows it. All I can assume is that you DO want to fuck him, like he says.

You know it was a whole year ago when you made up that "noone17" character on the Globeclubs board? A fuckin' year, for chrissakes! Those were the days, eh? Hilarious stuff. Even though we figured out it was YOU almost from the very first post, you kept right on for months!

It pleases me greatly to know than just before you die, you will look back on your life and ruefully remember a period that lasted for YEARS in which you let somebody get wayyy up your ass, when all you had to do was ignore them. But you were too fucking stupid for that.

Anyway, thanks for the entertainment. I'm looking forward to watching PPX (and who knows who else, thanks to your sharing of personal info) torture your dumb ass over the next few months!



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