And This One Is For the Wack-Ass Jack-Ass, Tacki Fish-ke-bob

from: popeye-x
6:46:31 AM

I've been checking the log....!

Look at all these goddamn Tacki IP's!

This whole 6.5 meg log (there were 2 of them)

that's 13 megs of server logs, innundated with Turkie and Tacki IP's, two corn-husking lesbian freelance stool-pigeons, spending copious amounts of time sniffin' around my website's dick, trying to cook up schemes so they can to SNITCH ME OFF to Higher Bureaucratic Authorities!

Goddamn Fan Club Nazi Bitches!

get the fuck off my site,

you slut-dot-com Andy Gibb pieces of SHIT!

They're like fucking fireants!

NO, Turkie and Tacki...

HOLY COW is not about YOU!

You'll know what the time comes cuz i'll be naming it something like CUNT SUCKING SNITCHES ON ICQ, or POP STAR GESTAPO SLUTS FROM WEBTV, or THE BETTER BUTTHOLE BUREAU. How about Turkie, Tacki, & Tweaky... that's me... your pimp, Tweaky, and you're my favorite ho's... Turkie and Tacki...

(note to Jiffylube: That WackAss JackAss bovine bolty-swine Turkie actually tried to download HOLY COW repeatedly! She Thought THAT might be "about" her! The nerve of that lovestocked fudge-dogie! Try DEMON GROUPIE PIGSLUTS or E-MAIL SKEEZER BIMBOS.)

you bitches don't realize the shock value of titles

fuck that veiled shit

use the outrageousness of the title to draw attention

you donkey ladies are in for an incredible expanding pile of UNGODLY SHIT you aren't even going to believe...

so far BEYOND your worst fears...

you have no idea the landmine you have been STOMPING ON!!!!



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