Re: popeye the neandrathal meets Mizz Bitch

from: Madame .X.
1:13:29 PM

Dear Mizz Bitch,

Bravo! Everyone should know by now Madame loves a righteous, self-actuated warrior goddess. AKA: The Bitch! Of course, the anti-goddess type bitch, is one that deeply saddens the spirit of a future yet to be realized. I want to tell the bitch: "wake up little princess, only you can enpower yourself, the time for bitching is over. Choose life or die!". But when you just won't let go of your shadow pal UNHAPPINESS, and continue to give your own power away by blaming others for the impotent choices you make, then Nature herself will bitch slap you (you like this abuse) either unconscious or until you choose to wake up. Nature detests the weak; and allows you to eliminate yourself from the gene pool. No losers invited!

Ignorance is a cancer upon the world; if your perceptions are so shallow that you think PPX thinks women are CUNTS, then you completely have no basis to even make comment. The only females that read that into it ARE ignorant cunts. Why the defense otherwise? And so, herein lies the genius of the PPX ministry: only ignorant assholes are verbally assaulted by PPX just being himself-having fun. The insult only became yours when you recognized yourself. The truth of PPX, in this context, is simply the catalyst put in water so we can see whose been lying 'bout pissing in the pool! What's obscene here is the grotesqueness of your own self image!

further notes: You make us laugh at the of thought of PPX giving a FUCK! about a dip like Howard Stern. Yawn. And lest of all sucking bungholios for $! PPX doesn't have to nothin' for some golden cow. Also, he loves women and they've always had passionate feelings for him too. (love or hate, never nothing) Little Kurt is always sincere when giving a stiffie salute to the goddess. The highest compliment, 'cause it can't lie!



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