keep steppin'...
the "past" is
all around you

from: popeye-x - 10/23/00-12:03:05 PM

you'll start to think you're rising up
after a long darkness,
then you realize you're only rising up
because the shit is piled that deep

it seems like there's only
one direction to go,
and that's straight up...
with a ladder and a shovel...

but I've got good news, sinners...

provided your DNA is not all fucked up,
you're probably designed with
your feet pointing one way,
and your asshole pointing another...
(I can't speak for Tacki)

when the shit where you're at
starts to rise ...

merely start steppin'...

put one foot in front of the other
and start walkin'...

one step at a time...

and just keep steppin' until
your feet actually touch the REAL ground,
not that shitball you've been
orbiting on for so long...

but whatever you do,
resist the temptation to step BACK,
and walk thru the shit
you've already stepped in AGAIN...

just point your feet,
and your life,
in the opposite direction of the shit,
and keep steppin'...

there's a path down there somewhere,
you might not see it,
but if you'll just keep steppin',
your feet will find the path
they oughta be walking on...

and they will carry your sorry ass
the rising mountain of yesternow...

if your feet and legs don't work,
(fucked up DNA),
then ROLL whatever you got...

and when i say ROLL,
I'm not talkin' about that tumblebug style
of hollowed out shitball rollin'...

those fuckers roll the shit around
and use it for a "pup tent"...

let it GO...

unless your shit has
legs, wings, fins, or a wheelchair,
your ass should clear the main pile
within a couple of good horizons...

remember to KEEP STEPPIN'
(or rollin' with whatever you got...)

ever watch a stink bug
travelin' across your yard?

turn your head for a second,
and that lil' fucker
will have covered a lot of territory...

if a stink bug can do it,
YOU can do it,
so STEP...



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