We Didn't Lose The Vietnam War.... Bush And The C.I.A. Won!

from: Stash
10:11:53 AM

We didn't lose the Vietnam war, the CIA won, they cornered the market on heroin out of the golden triangle. We couldn't let the commies horne in on our profitable drug bizness! Nam was only an excuse to get into Laos and Cambodia. The CIA flew thousands of missions into there to bring out the fruit of the poppy. We'd been involved in the opium trade there for a long time. The boxer rebellion in China was when they got mad at Americans smuggling opium into China, and that was in the late 1800's! Yes the CIA had it all figured out, First they drafted tons of young americans who would never have considered taking hard drugs into a stinking jungle with pullets flying at them where they'd have been crazy not to take drugs! Think of all the new customers that generated! How many people came back from nam with a drug habit they didn't go there with? How about all the protestes at home that they turned on to drugs? The CIA even rounded up groups of college students and paid them to take LSD. That's where the greatful dead members met. They even set up houses of prostitution and dosed the customers with LSD and filmed them through 2 way mirrors, there was one guy in the CIA who went all over the US dosing people at random with acid. One guy jumped out a window (some people say he was thrown because he knew too much) and there's a big lawsuit over it now from his relatives. No we didn't lose Nam the CIA won just like they'd planned all along everything else was a smoke screen and they moved on to bigger and better things, The Contras, Peru, Columbia, etc etc.




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