Pullets in Nam

from: Mugtoe
9:55:18 PM

Gotta little news from the CIA

Bout all that 60s poultry that was MIA

Instead a usin bullets

They was substitutin pullets

Mutant chicken warriors from the USA.

Now, little Baby Bush had presidential aspirations

So his daddy sent to Tyson for some special operations

Next they talked to Richard Nixon

So they'd be sure and get the fix in

And they packed him off to Asia for American predations.

They couldn't tell the GI's what was in the bag

Cuz they was scared that Uncle Ho was gettin on the rag

Little Shrub would be a hero

Instead of such a zero

And they'd be stuffin chicken feathers into body bags.

Good thing for the VC that the Shrub was just a Root

He couldn't pour the piss out of an upside-down boot

Some whiskey and some coke

And some southeast Asian smoke

And he left his side involved in a Texas turkey shoot.

AlGore almost bought it also in this awful fight

His bodyguard was dodging chickenwings on the left and right

The little wooden feller

Was too stupid to be yeller

As Little Shrub was strafin friendlies from the dead of night.

The GI's caught in the middle were covered by a hush

And we wouldn't hear a peep out of the Vietnamese Bush

Cuz they filled em fulla drugs

Smuggled by CIA thugs

And they turned their little brains into so much tender mush.

Now we never heard about this in domestic press

Cuz Little Shrub's wealthy daddy bought his way out of the mess

"It was just a little chicken"

"It was all so finger lickin"

He's got plausible denial and his Father Knows Best.



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