can you list all those places you've been? in the right order, by any chance?

from: the middle of everywhere
10:40:31 AM

Its better to go somewhere slow than go nowhere fast

And now, a editorial from PPX, and PPX alone... Have you ever wanted to learn about the good stuff... but everytime you ask, you are treated like a piece of unworthy dog doo-doo? They act like if you don't already know, then you don't deserve a chance to learn. They even tell you its none of your business to even try... because if you don't know already, obviously you are unworthy of the time wasted telling you to give up... so they don't even answer the simplest question... they get on the information highway, and the first thing they do is block the next guy from passing thru where they've just been...

Meanwhile, in the music industry, you just ask, "Hey, is it C, or is it Bb?" The common desire to have the music come together ASAP makes it pretty easy... whoever knows the answer says, "C!" And its that much sooner the music starts playing, and the groove is up and rollin', which is what we all wanted in the first place, right? The computer dorks act like html is something fancy and incredibly elite, far too many pieces in the puzzle to even hope to grasp it all, "Just stay away form it", they demand. Ever wonder why? Its simple... they're stalling for time... trying to halt their own insignificance by eliminating the competition at the source. If they could glimpse for one second the INTERLOCKING complexity of just the major-minor chords on ONE guitar neck, they would back pedal so fast and go running for the sanctuary of their simpleton's universe... html.

Hey, its got bare bones variation, it only goes left to right... its 1-D!

At this point they usually shift to the core issue at hand... Macs vs. PC's! That's right, if the industry didn't manage to sell you a Mac, then its your fault the state of html has declined. Even though you weren't even here yet, and they WERE, its YOUR fault, because it couldn't be THEIR responsibility, could it? Nooo, its yours, because, since you bought a PC, its less convenient for them. Why?

Now they have to learn more html.

html was just fine before Necrosoft added a bunch of unnecessary versions of Outlook Express to every corner of the globe, and its the squares in those corners' fault!



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