from: popeye-x
12:43:15 AM

Stash: "What happens if you are in posession of a totally out of control substance?"

PPX: You ARE in possession of a totally out of control substance... YOUR FREEDOM. That's what "free" means, "not controlled".

The whole criminal justice system gets its teeth by threat and coersion, using deprivation of freedom as the "spanking" you will surely receive, if you don't behave.

Down thru the centuries, history has proven repeatedly, the worst thing you can do to a human is deny him/her access to his/her most precious possession, which is freedom. You can't "take it away" , or "give it back", because its built into them. You can only deny access to it, and that's how law enforcement gets its way.

The reason they let the killer go to make room for the drug offender is because they put a higher premium on THEIR CONTROL of the people, than they put on THE PEOPLE they're supposedly protecting. That's why, if you break the law, the law breaks you.

The thing that seems odd to me is rhe way this NAZI regime we live under is not concerned with LIFE as much as it is LIFESTYLE. That cop got killed going BACK to get a killer they LET GO, who had killed 2 people, i. e. totally deprived them of their freedom AND their lives. This was not enough for the justice system to deprive him of more than 10 years of his life. But when they learned he was violating the guidelines of the "mandantory lifestyle", the gears of justice started turning again, and "Roy Rogers" raced right over with his gun drawn, loving every minute of "his splurge of control", empowered by a system DRUNK on the same wine.

So, back to the original question: "What happens if you are in posession of a totally out of control substance?" The answer is simple. Your access to control of yourself, and your ability to influence other like-minded self-controllers, is reduced right down to as close to nothing as possible, and if you press your luck, you wind up like Kennedy, with your fucking brains blown out.



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