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Lawn Nomes...... Stash Ziplock
Re: Lawn Nomes...... A random passerby
Dead OFF, mofo! ppx
Re: Dead OFF, mofo! A random passerby
Re: fuck OFF, mofo! ppx
Don't Listen To Hempec ppx
Re: Don't Listen To Hempec Hempec
What the fuck is a Lawn Gnome? ppx
Re: What the fuck is a Lawn Gnome? Hempec
Hail PPX ppx
Noone17 is at the other place ppx
FUCK YOU!!!! Mommie6
Paraplegics and PPX Mommie6
Madame E -- how gracious of you Mommie6
Henpeck es un pinche puto! La Latina
Hempec spells stud in any language HEMPEC
Learn English A random passerby
Learn a real dam language Hempec
PPX tiene una cabesa grande, y es un macho gringo! La Latina
Monkee Lovers Unlimited-X ppx
Re: Monkee Lovers Unlimited-X butch
The Purpose Of The Lingo pinche gringo
BTW, Hempec is 100% "down" with PPX, and vice versa ppx
HEMPEC is not a chicken... I was wrong. ppx
No argument there HEMPEC
I Can't Think Of Anything To Say For Some Reason ppx
Re: I Can't Think Of Anything To Say For Some Reason Hempec
Keep Up? ppx
The Spirit of the Thing HEMPEC
I can't believe it... I actually laughed! ppx
Re: The Spirit of the Thing HEMPEC
Henpeck Has One Request ppx
Now Look What A REAL Chickenshit Wrote ppx
come on, man ppx
Compare The Cowardice ppx
Henpeck Is A Big Chicken ppx
Catwoman is a megalomaniac a psychiatrist
SO? Catwoman
Ratwoman rat patrol
You first! Catwoman
Snitching Again! ppx
little girl-big ego Madame E
Beautiful Quote!!! ppx
The Biggest Anti-PPX Fan Of Them All Dr. Popeye X
Traci's Soap Opera Plots ppx
What jokes? ppx
FUCK Normal, Especially Illinois! ppx
I'm posting FROM the mailing list... ppx, HTML terrorist
New Mascot ppx
Chupacabra Report Bud Zargood
Stash Ziplock, amateur reporter Madame E
Re: Stash Ziplock, amateur reporter Stash Himself
The Vast FTW Conspiracy Stash Ziplock
Re: The Vast FTW Conspiracy BC-X
Re: The Vast FTW Conspiracy Stash Ziplock Sr.
Re: Where you heard the news... ppx
Bolton coincidence? Boltonteshy
Hardly, they're homosexual lovers, you stupid dyke! ppx
Who said anything about kids? Tina
Well, be sure and use protection, and above all, ENJOY it! ppx
Re: No problems here Tina
A miracle pill?? Tina - not a blonde
Gotta be my favorite redhead!!! ppx
Mommie6 is COOOOOL!!!! Madame E
Terrie Neilson Used To Be My Woman George Lowery
I Blow George Chuck Smith
From An Incredible Female ppx
Waiting luna
Luna Is The Greatest Princess Of Them All  ppx
I fuck things up almost instantly  ppx
Wait No More ppx
What an honor! ppx
Monkee Lovers Unlimited Dr. Popeye X - Supreme Commander
Re: Monkee Lovers Unlimited the one and only fan club president of Monkee Lovers Unlimited
We'll See About That! ppx
Careful out there... Boltonteshy
Christopher Reeve Is Not FAKE Like Michael Bolton ppx
One hand clapping, bolton concerned for children's welfare Sir Edmund Plovos
pedophile freak ppx
Michael Ugly Bolton Mommie6
Babysitter extraordinaire Mommie6
Turkie and Tacki should read about the "babysitter extraordinaire" Uncle Popeye-X
TOOOOOO much coffee!!! SAWGE
Why Bolton Must Be Eliminated! ppx
The Hall Of Shame And The Walk Of Lame  Dr. Popeye X
Mr. Bolton's Music List Must DIE!!!! a random passerby
Oh no! Catwoman
Re: Oh no! a Texas bad-ass
just try! Catwoman
I kicked my own ass blind in both eyes
Good Catwoman
Yes,Catmaster.....blind devotee of Catgoddess
Bored to tears Catwoman
Monkeys Catwoman
Startin' a fight over the Monkees with Dr. Popeye X? Monkee Lovers Unlimited           
Re: Startin' a fight over the Monkees with Dr. Popeye X? Mommie6
Misrepresentation of Monkee Lovers Unlimted  The  real  fan club president
Re: Misrepresentation of Monkee Lovers  Unlimted Mommie6                    
Supreme Commander of Monkee Lovers Unlimted Dr. Popeye X, Dictator For Life
Re: Supreme Commander of Monkee Lovers Unlimted                                                 
Who Led The Cow, Smart Ass? Monkee Lovers Unlimited                        
The NAFC can kiss my website's ASS! Supreme  Commander Of MONKEE LOVERS UNLIMITED
Re: The NAFC can kiss my website's ASS!
You can kiss my website's ASS! ppx
Re: Bored to tears slave
Bolton On Radio Luxembourg from As The World Churns, July '99 Sigmoid Butterbean  Tallywhacker Jones
Terrie Neilson played violin and saxophone, and she reads music in three clefs!!!!! maestro ppx
Traci Kishbaugh can be the male lead-singer heart-throb, "Tackimon". maestro ppx
Its so boring out there!!!! ppx
don't worry, I'll talk to you ppx
pathetic Catwoman
Re: pathetic crying to himself
Hall Of Fame? NEVER!!! concerned citizen
Re: Hall Of Fame? NEVER!!! Mugtoe
Bolton Sucks Raw Dog Donkey Lady Dildos Anti Bolton Fan Club President
a well done piece of journalistic work investigative reporter
Ah, A Vertical Frameset! webastard
I Just Noticed Your Question...... ppx
I See You Read My Post ppx
I See You're Reading ALL The Posts ppx
Proof? concerned citizen
Re: Proof? Jiffylube
a springboard to blather about NECK-rophilia  jiff vs. ppx
Neckholin Mugtoe
Re: Question......
Never Count Your Plegics Before The Fat Lady Sings 1, 2, 3, 4..... 5... 6..... 7....... wow!
Vaginal Interface Mechanism Mugtoe
HTML JUNKIES cold booter
This Place IS Getting Weirder By The Split Second!!! Walker, Texas Stalker
I think Catwoman
Redneck Truck Drivers? Mugtoe
Re: This Place IS Getting Weirder By The Split Second!!! SLiness
Re: This Place IS Getting Weirder By The Split Second!!! Just some new guy
I agree with the random passerby another even more random passerby
FUCK Jiffylube a random passerby
Re: FUCK Jiffylube Mugtoe
Pissing me off!  ppx
This Place Is Getting Weirder By The Minute another even stranger  stranger
Weird is for the strong minded Catwoman
This Place Is getting Weird a complete stranger here by accident
This Is Not A Test webastard
Re: This Is Not A Test Walker, Texas Stalker
This Is Not A Testicle Snot Blob McGillicutty
AW, PIPE DOWN! webastard
Screw YOU 12/13/99 4:46:36 PM
And another thing 12/13/99 3:55:24 
Tell me why Petulant 12/13/99 3:52:48 PM
This is why: a very detailed explanation Peek-A-Boo
LET THAT BE A LESSON TO YOU Dr. Popeye X 12/13/99- 1:40:19 PM
Re: LET THAT BE A LESSON TO YOU Catwoman 12/13/99 3:25:36 PM
exactly Catwoman 12/13/99 3:28:46 PM
Let's watch the language Frenchy 12/13/99 3:49:58  PM
Thank you, Frenchy ppx
Thanks to MY list Catwoman, NOT Catperson
don't get so technical ppx
getting technical Catwoman
Missing Posts fan club webmaster 12/13/99 9:59:18 AM
Re: Missing Posts Catwoman 12/13/99 3:23:17 PM
Turkie And Tacki Have Finally Been Defeated I WIN!!! (again) 12/12/99 4:10:44 PM
my, my.... becceri the princess 12/12/99 7:39:11 AM
          my, my.... my what? tits? let's see what you got tit X-spurt 12/12/99 2:26:44 PM
Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, & Jones-X Monkee Bites Unlimited - 12/9/99
The Happy Fisherman Dr. Tatas Del TT's 12/9/99
The TT's are dead meat ppx 12/9/99
pride Bolton Fans Suck Raw Dog Donkey Lady Dildos 12/8/99

false pride
none 12/8/99

Re: false pride SLi 12/8/99

Re: false pride ppx 12/8/99

Re: false pride Blow me 12/8/99

 ?? none 12/8/99

Re: ?? Blow Me II 12/8/99

Nothing here none 12/9/99

Re: Nobody cares ppx 12/12/99 10:18:32 AM
"Planet Of the Tackimons"... yawn ??hmmm. They've landed! the real "virtual"  me and the "genuine" imitation that was close enough for me 12/10/99

One more thing I forgot to mention... [let me kick  the ballistics on the Wacki Tackistics] Everything is there.... [its been loaded and   pointing  at your Inbox all along!] 12/10/99

Re: Nothing here ppx 12/9/99

Re: Nothing here Blow me III 12/9/99
shame none of your business 12/7/99

no shame Bumpkin Butt 12/8/99

Re: shame none 12/8/99

Re: shame Skatin' with Satan 12/8/99

Re: shame none 12/8/99

May I ask a dumb question? Plenty of equipment 12/11/99

The Sidekick Network Hop-A-Long  Capacitor 12/10/99
balding? KO 12/9/99
Re: shame SLi 12/8/99
Where in the fuck is Turkie Nazi and Tacki Fishkebob? Dr. Popeye X 12/7/99
One word Jiffylube 12/7/99

Re: One word ppx 12/7/99

Some words Catwoman 12/7/99

And might that be.... Perez 12/7/99

Re: Some words teacher 12/7/99
Tis the end Catwoman 12/7/99
List Activity Is High Again on 12/28/99 ppx

Re: Tis the end Bobcat 12/8/99

Re: Nay, Tis not the end Any horny son of a bitch 12/7/99
Re: Tis the end ppx 12/7/99
Foul Language Mike Hunt 12/7/99
batteries not included shocked to the tips of my toes 12/7/99
I feel so free Flasher 12/7/99
liars will be barbequed in their own bullshit A Variation Of The Tom's Ribs' TV Jingle by Augie Meyers 12/7/99
How dare you? Catwoman 12/7/99

Re: How dare you? SneakyBoy 12/7/99

How dare yourself, you HTML scrambling frisky cat! ppx 12/7/99

I dare because I am the best.Catwoman 12/7/99

PPX On The Internet Is Big Enough For Both Of Us Tackimon Is Finished!!! 12/7/99

Re: I can't dare because I have no rights?.A Distraught Father Of Two Kids Who Saw Tits 12/7/99

Re: I can't dare because I have no rights?.  none of your business 12/7/99

butt cheeks for ear muffs ppx 12/8/99

How can anybody hate this guy? Catwoman 12/9/99

Re: How can anybody hate this guy? ppx 12/9/99

must have touched a nerve None  12/8/99

You touched a nerve alright, but it was right up your back alley, where you've parked your head for the last 20 years. I'm always 100%  right......  every motherfucking time! 12/8/99

Tits are evil? Catwoman 12/7/99

Re: Tits are evil? Which corner in Montreal? 12/7/99

Re: Tits are evil? an observer 12/7/99

no price Catwoman 12/7/99

twin miracles Rev. I Love Your Breasts 12/7/99

The Wall Eyed Tatas of the TT's  Tree Hugger 12/7/99
you were saying....? ppx 12/7/99

Re: you were saying....? SLi  12/7/99

Re: you were REALLY saying....? SneakyBoy 12/7/99

you were NOT saying....? Catwoman
You really are NOT saying! an old friend
YOU really are saying! Catwoman
I prefer living my life away from the Internet now Catwoman
Try it... Catwoman
Re: Try it... One Nairb 2/8/00