well conspiracy or just plain chewed?

from: Bronka
9:41:19 AM

Having a little makeover still heh. Its good to get a little shaken up every now and then. Gets the blood going. My blood is going--nights are waiting to be filled when Im off and everyones asleep. We had a beautiful sunrise, now I'm getting sleepy. Want pancakes?

Little George is following in his daddys footsteps-blasting away at those poor fools for trying to build their ant pile. Now that he used up some of our shooting stash I guess it won't look so foolish when he asks for more. At least we know the stuff works. Too bad the the bystanders found out first hand-hope there were some bozos in the bunch. Yeah, George and Vince are partying out at the ranch while the units are doing what they signed up to do. I wonder how many of them are creaming in their kahkis and how many are kahkiing in their creams? Keeping Sadaam in line was going to the background but now I bet he woke up. Not that he would ever stop, that would be unpatriotic, now he'll just get his bonus for playing the target. We'll pay for more ammo and Arabia will get to charge more for such a scarce commoditiy.

Lucky I can be bored by this stuff-Big Govment is good business-now Im really hungry



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Re: time cube

From: Brian James
Remote Name: 227-pool1.ras10.inind-ch1.alerondial.net
Date: 24 Oct 2003
Time: 06:55:11


Gene Ray will explain it all to you... check out: http://www.great-debate.com to hear audio interviews with Gene Ray, and watch the video of his appearance on TechTV. You'll only be more confused, but at least you'll be rolling on the floor laughing. Cheers. Brian James