A Day In The Life

from: Vector 7
1:48:57 PM

The day begins like all others since Dubya was elected....

After a long night of Pepper bombers & chicken down at the Church's with your scooter homies, it takes about seven snooze sessions before you manage to tumble out of bed and stumble to the kitchen for a steaming-hot cup of something. Buttressed by instant coffee-y goodness, you manage to scrounge up a half-plate of curly fries from the pile of dirty dishes. You give them a tentative bunny sniff and recoil - they smell like rotting sponge vomit. But they look fine, so you pop them in the microwave for seven minutes on high ("long enough to kill anything").

While you wait for the potato ringlets to sterilize, you fire up the computer for the usual obsessive clicking around. You're just about to lovingly revisit gotsomethingtosay, when the microwave starts making a strange humming sound. You turn to see the device is glowing and (my god!) bulging. Before you can duck and cover, the explosion rips through time and space, peppering the computer, mouse, and your clicking hand with searing, mutilated fries.

Shaking, you look down at what's left of your hand and gasp, Nooooo! This ... can't ... be!

One Year Later ...

You're browsing through the Adult section of Barnes & Noble's, and who should you run into but Mugtoe.

"Jumping Jehovah!" exclaims Mugtoe. "Is it really you? I haven't seen you since that night at Church's, like, what - a year ago?"

"I've been, well ... going through some changes," say you.

"Well, you look the same to me! Glory be, it's good to see you! Put 'er there, pard!"

Smiling faintly, you look down at his waiting hand. After a moment's hesitation, you place your "hand" into his. Puzzled, he looks down at what he's now holding. As the horror spreads across his face, you right-click your mighty mousehand, and time stops.

You've clicked on heads of state, arms of the law, members of Congress - and you've seen what lurks in the dark, dingy cul-de-sacs of their minds. You know what they know, have seen what they've seen. And frankly, it's all become a little boring. But surely Mugtoe's mind harbors a surprise or two?

You enter his brain and scroll down the list:

A. Pictionary: My House or Yours? B. Winter-Indoor-sports C. Huey Lewis: Back in Time for Me D. I am a Small Wonder! E. Complete Listing Of All Anne Murray Songs F. Hop Singh & Little Joe Fantasy

You recoil at Mugtoe's wretched fantasy life. You hustle out of the bookstore and find yourself back out on the street.



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Re: Get High & Get Paid For It!

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Date: 09 Dec 2003
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hi can you tell me where i can get ahold of an ageny or company that is doing the same thing you are doing,but with marijuana?