Re: I'm afraid to log the check

from: Ed_Zeppelin
8:26:39 AM

(sordid details:)

"Here y'are, baby. Git yourself comfortable. What, you never seen a computer monitor before? That's okay. Don't worry, it won't bite. No, put that down. Don't eat that! That's the 'mouse,' and we're going to need that, sugar. Hey, good idea. I'll just sprinkle some sugar on the keyboard... there ya go. Lick it. Oh yes... now I'm gonna show you something you'll like. This is my webpage. No, don't wiggle around like that. You just go back to lickin' the keyboard and let Master Jamm PPX slide in behind you. Wait, I'll put some Stockhausen on first. Oh yes. Now, like I was saying, this is my website. You like that? Well, here's another page that has pictures. Oh, I see you like pictures. Here, let me hold your head steady so you can see them. Nice, huh? My, your backside sure is soft... You just keep licking that keyboard, mama. That's right. That might come in handy later. Okay, I'm going to do something now that really gets me going. Yup, gives me a powerful 'rection. This is called the 'log.' I can see everybody who comes to my website and what they looked at and... oh, there they are. Yeah, those two masochistic bitches I was telling you about. See? That's where they read "Davy Crockett's Hat," but that's not really what I want to see. Feel that? That's just a nub. It's reacting, baby, but you just wait. It'll poke you in the ass like a cattle-prod when I show you what I want to see here... okay, there it is, yessss. Don't Talk To Me About Ugly... oh look look look there they are... oh yesss... feel that? Amazing, ain't it, baby. Yeah, you like that, I can tell. Here, let me help you move into a more comfortable position... See where they looked at the titties? Yeah, love that. Wiggle it a little, that's right. Hold on a sec, gonna put some Michael Bolton on, if it don't make me hurl it gets me all excited... Mmm your back is so soft, it's easy to get a handful. Here, let me do a 'reach-around' and play with your nipples... Oh yeah, nice. No, easy baby. Papa Popeye won't hurt you... not yet. heh heh. There, look at that. You see that picture of those little floppy saggies? Goddamn! I love it, knowing that those useless whiny cunts were looking at them, feeling the base thrill they must get at seeing them, being shocked and humiliated again and again in public, knowing that the people they keep ratting me out to come here and read this shit and laugh their asses off... Okay, I'm just going to put the head of it in, just a little... yeah... oh yeaaaah. There, you like that, don't you? I love your nipples, baby. Damn, you're good. I know, you're probably not impressed with pictures of two tits, what with you having ten, but I love it. Your fleece is so soft, and the lanolin is good for my belly-skin... Oooh, look at that, they read about the nun sucking intestines again... uh uh uh oh baby... oh, my sweet embraceable ewe...



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