Popeye-X's BRAIN MUSIC gets airplay on KSYM-FM San Antonio!!!

from: popeye-x
4:38:13 AM

this is so unbelievably absurd, it obviously HAD to happen, it demonstrates the unstoppable nature of my 7/86 power-tool mosquito bite, BRAIN MUSIC...

I made Gypsy Doug an audio cd of the original mix of GLIDE, by The New Hix, 4/86, its the recording everyone has always assumed was the Blast, who played it onstage all the time. Many people have told me GLIDE was their favorite Blast recording, actually it was the second New Hix single, the first was the up tempo train beat version of Wild Thing, which was immediately stolen and appropriated into the Blast's live set, and used as the leading song on the Augie Meyers produced Blast Thru The Past LP. When Augie got the "idea" of using Wild Thing for a single, with the possibility of Claude's BLUBBERBALL on the flip side, I was ready to strangle Claude Morgan.

(Yes, it was MY idea. When BLUBBERBALL was mixed, Claude and Augie LEFT the control room, neither one of them was even there.)

So I made Gypsy Doug a special cd of the old favorite, GLIDE, the long 10 minute version. Then just for the hell of it, I added the long, and totally abrasive 8 min. version of BRAIN MUSIC, intended as a perverse 'flip side'.

Next, local audio/visual artist musician maniac, Phillip Luna, has a little chunk of DJ space on KSYM, to play his 'weird shit'. Gypsy Doug loaned him the cd, pushing for GLIDE to be on the FM radio. Without listening to any of it, Phillip Luna went on the air, and popped on BRAIN MUSIC! After it became apparent that BRAIN MUSIC was going to remain RELENTLESS for the entire 8 minutes, he faded it out after a very brief SANDBLASTING of mutilated college FM radio airtime.

BRAIN MUSIC was on the fucking radio! And it got there by a resonating string of random accidents! The word, "INEVITABLE", comes to mind.

I hope nobody objects if I claim the presence of that 'song' on Doug's cd was, once again, MY idea.

BRAIN MUSIC being on KSYM is not much different than an industrial pollution disaster, like the Exxon Valdez oil spill. This represents an incredible triumph for the anti-Third Coast Music Network, pro-synthesizer political action caucus headed by Dr. Popeye-X, and dedicated to a zero tolerance policy calling for the complete censorship and geo-political obliteration of TCMN's rear view mirror abuse of KSYM FM. BRAIN MUSIC is the only fungus with enough germ killing power to heal KSYM of desperately clinging to their own musical obsolescence. Popeye-X salutes Phillip Luna for following whatever impulse it was that resulted in BRAIN MUSIC spewing from speakers all over this town.

Third Coast Music Network can just suck my synthesizer's dick, they might as well finish the blow job, my Moog & Yamaha YC-30 organ have already come a big, fat, DNA lab sample down KSYM'S open throat.



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