I have to let BRAIN MUSIC do the job it was designed to do

from: popeye-x
4:22:12 PM

I guess I'm just too lazy. I want the music to do the work. I think I would rather spend my time making the music sound better. I appreciate everything you said about hyping the trail of the hype itself, that's the integral concept behind the INFOMANIA thing, it makes much more sense. Look at it like this. When I made BRAIN MIUSIC, I didn't know what I was doing. In my mind, it was a sound test, you know, let's get them keyboards all going at once. Since my only criterion was playing keys, punching buttons, and getting sound, the music that resulted was intended more for two ears, as opposed to a certain marketable audience. I've only heard one other thing that sounds in the same vein, and that's Stockhausen's Helicopter String Quartet, 4 helicopters with a string player in each, with rotors miked. He managed to make a gig and win a few awards out of his (1995), quite a bit of money, actually. But, he's the REAL DEAL.

Mine went nowhere (1986), except to KSYM, instead of all the other "promotable" material I have always supplied them with. Don't you see? My failures are spectacular! My failures kick my success' ass. My failures have succeded in the wrong way, so many fucking times, I've become much more famous for the accidents than anything I have ever achieved on purpose. In every instance I can think of, anything I've ended up doing worth a shit, I didn't really know where I was going.

When I heard the Stockhausen, I just happened to also put on BRAIN MUSIC, just testing the mp3, of course, and I was amazed how alike they sounded. I'm sure there is plenty of music that sounds just like it somewhere, I've just never heard it.

I love it when Stockhausen comes out with a super abrasive sonic onslought, using live helicopter rotors for giant audio oscillators, and it sounds not unsimilar to my Memorymoog by itself, recorded 9 years before. Then for it to accidently crawl its way onto the FM radio, bypassing my so-called 'promotable' product, I think its time to rethink the whole concept.

I was awed when I read about the 'gig' Stockhausen made out of his noise monster. The money, the fame, the genius, and best of all, the fucking sound (and video). And they made a film of the gig. The whole piece is designed as a multimedia performance, using 4 LIVE helicopters. You should see the images. They're like the Blue Angels, only they're red, like a German race car FLYING team. Stockhausen literally forced his "boss" to spring for the real thing, as opposed to "recordings of helicopters". Each helicopter was also outfitted with a string player, a technician, and a 4 audio - 4 video transmitter, beaming down to the stage, where each copter A/V send has 4 audio speakers, and 4 video monitors, and Stockhausen is mixing live at the gig.

Then they finagled some prestigious Composer's Award, and I know they raked in a lot of dough on that one. The expense of the gig was incredible. Much, much higher than any rock gig. The equipment cost was like the music itself, sky high.

I know how irritating BRAIN MUSIC sounds to the listener, especially a person with a musically trained ear. Frankly, I didn't like it at first, either. It went right over my head. I made a quick 2 track master mix of a 2 track stereo multi with 1 track overdubbed, and faded up in two spots lasting less than 30 seconds. The remainig 8 minutes is all live, just dicking around, being loud.

The first thing I "did" with BRAIN MUSIC was play it for this 17 year old blonde bombshell who said it was "awesome". Yeah, that was DD, the DICK SUCKING SNITCH. http://www.popeye-x.com/people/dd.htm

So, I got some pussy, helped in part by the sound of BRAIN MUSIC hurting my stereo, kinda like a motorcycle with no muffler.

Then, by accident, one day I asked Mike Pogue http://www.popeye-x.com/art/mikepogue.htm to draw me something I could paint, and handed him a canvas. He handed back, and I painted it. Obviously, its called BRAIN MUSIC. http://www.popeye-x.com/art/otto_industries_art_loop.htm

So now, it has a graphic, its been on the radio, and I have created a BRAIN MUSIC mp3, so I can be like Stockhausen and be bad-ass. I am billing it as "the world's most dangerous mp3". I seriously doubt if anyone anywhere is listening to it, and I'm positive less than 50 people have ever heard it. I didn't know what I was doing. I didn't like it after I did it. And yet, I ended up being abnormally pleased by it, time and time again. Now its been on the goddamned radio, the one who refused to play anything with a synthesizer in it.

BRAIN MUSIC is unpromotable. I have to let BRAIN MUSIC do the job it was designed to do, and I can't help it do its job, because I don't know what that job is. It has a good title. Its been called BRAIN MUSIC from day one, even before i started grooving on it.



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