Re: Get Your Dope
From The Government

demitria monde thraam

yup, the ones who are really In Control dun' have to put on a big spectacle of calming down all the plebes and reassuring them that "it's all under control...dun' worry, we can handle 3 simultaneous commitments to foreign wars (Colombia, Iraq, and now ostensibly China...and Gods only know where else) and we can lop off a few TRILLION dollars of taxation - now, now, now, it's just people who can afford it most that will have to pay less; we'll start giving refunds to millionaires. Because everyone knows that if you give tycoons even more money, they'll just get this warm fuzzy feeling and run right out and spend that money on things like day care centers and methadone clinics and research to find cures for HIV and HCV and build more hospitals and schools instead of another concentration camp^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hprison for those public enemy numero uno Drug Users.

yup. the ones who are in power aren't king george "halcion yawn" herbert walker bush and his prodigal son Prince Dubya Shrub and his little band of unmerry men and his "gang of five" supreme court justice pets. The Book Of The SubGenius puts it best: "The President and all the Congress people serve no other purpose than to distract people from what is really going on...they're nothing but bad standup comics propped up in the public eye for the rubes to throw their rotting fruit at and call Bad Names."

the ones who run things? for all we know it could be the elusive men in black that are also mentioned in the above Wondrous Tome of Excellent Knowledge. I think it's probaly more along the lines of an elite group of the top brass of the oh, maybe 200 most wealthy multinationals, a rank and file of media spin doctors who pre-package your allotted truth and figure out how to most effectively cook this up with the horse's ass stew of LIES and ADS which all hoi-polloi media really IS. that, and a lot of gabble about CELEBRITIES which i don't even give two shits about. I'm supposed to follow these people's lives as though they meant something to me? Get over it, America, they're just people who played parts in MOVIES. but the cabal i just described uses them to herd people into the social config systems that would benefit the cabal.

i could write more about this but i'll start sounding like that guy dale on king of the hill. besides, i need to get back to the Ohm again [or here or here]; one of my agonists (i dun' have protagonists or antagonists, just "agonists") seems as if she's about to Do Something Stupid, and we just cannot have that.



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