Is Anyone Else Getting This SPAM Crap?

from: popeye-x
7:46:38 PM

I've gotten about 10 versions from different sources of this same bullshit, the story changes, but the math is identical:


I am Akin Bangura, the eldest son of Timu Bangura, who is the immediate past minister of Finance of the Federal Republic of Sierra-Leone. Though my father died a natural death. He left some document as regards some transaction with some of his colleagues while in office. Infarct they (i.e. my father and his colleagues that cannot be mentioned here) succeeded in keeping the sum of Eight Million, Six hundred Thousand dollars ($8.6M USD) in cash in a safe trust / security firm in Ghana a neighboring West African State. After my father's death, the current president Tijan Kabbah’s government has no trace or evidence of his dealings and those of his colleagues regarding the money in question, before renewed clashes between the R.U.F rebels lead by Foday Sankoh in my country began. This recent clashes lead to the destruction of many government documents and establishment, including the Central Bank of Sierra-Leone and the Ministry of Finance buildings, where records of probe were kept. Hence no real evidence to continue a probe. Now that there is no record, I have been mandated by my father's colleagues to come to Amsterdam, The Netherlands to sort and conclude the transfer of the funds, with the aid of a trustworthy person(s), that can keep this transaction a top secret. And has the ability (i.e credible firm, etc) to file claims of these funds on our behalf. This assistance from you is necessary because the government of our country is closely monitoring funds leaving or coming into my country. what is required of you is that we want you to represent us as the beneficiary of the funds, provision of a bank account into which we can lodge the funds, ability to assist us in profitable investment in your country and negociations for us to purchase an ultramodern house in your country as soon as the transaction is complete, because we would like to come over, perhaps live there and manage our investments. However be rest assured that this transaction is hitch free as my father's colleagues and I have mapped out strategies to give this, transaction a diplomatic coverage. We have earmarked 30% of this sum to you for your participation, 10% for any expenditure incurred in course of this transaction and the balance of 60% is for me and my colleagues in Ghana. Please also note that you shall help us invest our share of the money in a viable business in your country after this business is concluded. Please I await your urgent response to this proposal should you be/not interested in this business. While thanking you for your anticipated co-operation and kind gesture I remain always with regards.

Sincerely, AKIN BANGURA.

HEY, FUCKWAD! Quit SPAMMING popeye-x or you will DIE!



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