Re: I fixey fixey twenny dollah

from: demitria monde thraam
7:14:23 PM

thanks for the heads up on this as i think there might be something deep down in Nox illuminatus' registry that Ain't As It Should Be and in general i like to try to educate myself about running my own 'puter so that i'm not screaming for Deek's help on every little damned thing. it's kind of like how women used to get about fixing CARS. like it was once seen as a man's job to fix a computer and girls were supposed to just stare at them trembling pointing at the blank screen crying "it won't work! it won't work! oh please, won't some smart guy come and fix it for me?!"

i still get this way when it comes to Deep Down Hardware Installs. that, and anything to do with Linux. or programming. Deek can go ahead and feel superior to me in these areas, because he IS.

i have just one little problem with this post however and it's nothing personal, ed. it's just the general feeling i get when i encounter Admonitions To Pay Shareware Fees.

calling me a cheapskate because i can't afford twenny dollah.

ok, let's look at some hard realities here.

1. i'm a 35-going-on-36 year old schizophrenic fat woman without a job. 1.5 i do not believe i am about to be employed any time soon. it's not for lack of trying. well, maybe in the past few years, yeah. but i don't get hired. i don't have the look they want, nor am i "good with people". if anyone would hire me to do web pages for them from home, i would take the job. so would all nine thousand other people who'd like that job.

2. my use of this piece of software without paying for it is not going to reduce the profits of the gentleman who wrote the program. if i don't use it he won't get his $20.00 and if i DO use it he won't get his $20.00.

3. there are shareware writers who understand this basic principle and put their work up on the sliding scale, or say "please pay, if you can afford it." 3.5 the one time i did pay for a piece of software (3 years ago) it was to someone with this sort of arrangement in place.

4. i can barely afford to pay for my food, internet connection and medical care for my diabetic cat. i cannot afford paying for software that i can use free. it's just that simple.



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