The Verification Of American Stupidity

from: popeye-x
5:58:51 PM

[this was written last year]

On Good Morning Nazi Germany, they're talking about a new electrode placement on the spine that causes orgasm in women. They went on to say how 43% of women experience sexual dysfunction, and they're very excited about a new therapy to help women COME.

I guess science is on the verge of discovering what women have always known about... VIBRATORS.

Its like when some old Indian legend says frog guts are good for a toothache, and science, in all its glory, CONFIRMS the old legend by running tests, and pats itself of the back for proving it.

Meanwhile, the Indians just shake their heads and laugh at how stupid science is, after all, they knew it all along, and said so. That's where science got the idea in the first place. This is the arrogance typical of WHITE PEOPLE. That's all "science" is. Its just a white people tradition of information, and Americans have been programmed to think of it as ULTIMATE REALITY. Its fucking idiotic because, now, armed with the correct data, the RACIST culture acts like the status of the "Indian reality" may be upgraded, to full "AMERICAN truth", and thus deserves "our" belief.

When the great black singer, Billie Holiday, got a record contract, it was said she was "discovered" by John Hammond. Why? Because he was the WHITE GUY who signed her to the contract. Miles Davis said, "How can Hammond have discovered her when black people knew about her all along?"

They say Columbus "discovered" America. What does that mean? Since it was already here for EONS, it means Columbus didn't know about it. They act like he 'started it'. Its was no longer unknown TO HIM, that's all. What's so important about Europe that everything revolves around its point of view? Read the Declaration Of Independence. Its says this is a DIFFERENT nation than England. So why do we go on looking at things from an even older point of view?

I'll tell you why. [Of course, you knew I would.]

Because Columbus was WHITE! This country is NO DIFFERENT than England or Nazi Germany, because they're all RACIST & SEXIST. They both subscribe to the same Bible-istic BULLSHIT.

Even the hokey-assed world of country & western music, the kind George Bush likes, with its ridiculous Bonanza "verified" mindgame, is nothing more that a pitiful clone of the same ol' American mindfuck, seeking desperately to judge and control every person on the planet to enforce the CONFORMITY to maintain the Great White Reality.

America is no worse than Islam. Same fucking shit, but do you blame them? The Jews & Christians wouldn't allow them full human status, so they made their own theistic totalitarian regime. Where do you think Socialism and Communism got their rise? Same old shit. Have you ever noticed, all our "enemies" are just humans we're RACIST against?

And the SEXISM is even worse. The black slaves were declared emancipated by Lincoln, as if HE gave them their freedom. Freedom is a RIGHT, all he did was stop DEPRIVING them of it. So, the slaves were supposedly free, they even got the right to VOTE in 1864. But not WOMEN. No, even WHITE WOMEN couldn't vote until the 1920's! All MEN are created equal, eh? [written by Thomas Jefferson, the negro impregnating atheist.]

This country is one big, giant lie, from beginning to end. The Constitution, the great sacred paperwork of the government says "majority rule". Do we have that? HAHAHAHAHA. Does it matter? Of course not, because the Constitution is BULLSHIT, it always has been. I like the movie WISE BLOOD, from the Flannnery O'Conner novel, where Hazel Motes says straight out, loud and clear: "Jesus Christ is just a trick on niggers!" And of course, that kind of talk got him NOWHERE.

John Huston had supreme artistic BALLS to make such a movie in America. I saw an interview where the executive producer said it only cost $800,000 to make. They made it for reasons of ARTISTIC TRUTH, everyone should see WISE BLOOD [1978]. Its really good, truthwise, and it is light years beyond funny, IF you have any brains or honesty in you. Of course the average "normal" American won't even have a clue, they'll just know they've seen something "fucked up in the head."



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