The Department of Lesbian Correctness Internment Camp For The Politically Insane And The Colonically Challenged

from: Dr. Popeye-X ::: 10 Jul 1999
9:22:18 PM

The worst thing you can do in AmeriKKKa at the present time is criticize lesbian correctness its one thing to not be a lesbian, that in itself is incorrect, but to not be a lesbian AND have the nerve to criticize the lesbian correctness is even worse than not being a lesbian Janet Reemo will tap your e-mail and send you to the Hilliary Clinton Clinic For The Politically Unsane as a male, gay or not, you will rehabilitated to an authorized lifestyle, one that will help cure you of problems like freedom of speech abuse, freedom to get high abuse, but only if you use politically correct government drugs i. e. the official drug of the Aryan Nation, good ol' BEER! Jah, it must be a yellow liquid, und you must appear to be quenching your thirst, to have a bloody rig with a rusty needle hanging out of your arm is NOT Y2K compliant no solids (crystallized compounds, i. e. speed, heroin, etc.) no gasses (vaporized compounds, i. e. marihuana, crack, etc.) you must use only liquid drugs that make children think you're thirsty ALL THE TIME, preferably yellow, not clear clear is too much like a chemical in appearance, (like white powders) the yellow makes a good appearance, as if you are "tasting" the drugs constantly, instead of shooting them in your veins constantly lungs and veins are unacceptable drug entry points drugs may only enter the blood thru the digestive tract direct blood stream entry violates all digestive tract "I'm real thirsty all the time" lifestyles according to the mandatory American lifestyle guidelines, laid down by the original Aryan Nation settlers who brought their tribal taboos over with them from Der Fatherland any drug with a non European name, like marihuana is verboten tequila is OK, it can't be a drug, since it is a yellow liquid, its for food reasons but those green solids (leaves) that those colored people vaporize in glass pipes to consume toxins thru politically incorrect drug entry capillaries, (lungs) are dangerous narcotics. you'll get too high for society to stand by and not control you you must be very disciplined and get high in compliance with official party time guidelines tequila is very safe for you, that is why we sell it to you the people who actually make the stuff only get a small percentage of what we charge you most of the money you pay for tequila goes to the regulation of the official govt franchise it is a yellow liquid, so drink it when you need to look really thirsty in front of little people who aren't our paying customers yet tequila is not dangerous like that clear liquid from Russia, vodka all clear liquids except water must be mixed with dark colors or bright party colors this will maintain the "I'm doing this because it tastes so good, just like fruit salad!" it is a violation of official mandatory lifestyle guidelines to consume drugs constantly using the wrong blood stream entry rituals you can't have a glass pipe hanging out of your mouth 24 hrs. a day it must be a wooded one, it looks more like a salad bowl than a laboratory instrument therefore, it will be in compliance with officially sanctioned drug entry rituals all constant drug use must be in the style designated by the authorities (i. e. official drug dealers) you may purchase and constantly consume unlimited quantities of toxic drugs, but you must follow guidelines set down by the dealers who service your addiction account i. e. the US government, the supreme protectors of correct white people lifestyles you will strictly maintain all lifestyle rituals set down by the original white people who came to this country from outside, and decided to be the boss of it and everybody in it once they got inside mandatory lifestyles of the original white people countries will be strictly maintained, and the maintenance of said lifestyles will be paid for by a majority percentage of whatever the dealers make the addicts pay the drugs and the addictions they maintain are sufficient to finance the total regulation of original white people countries' social customs which will be stringently maintained, whether they're paid for or not, i. e. for free, like food stamps anyone who attempts to alter the mandatory lifestyle guidelines will have free access to their own life style revoked by the true owners of their lives, people from the original white people countries who own everything they see, and control everyone they find, whenever and wherever they find them to already be in violation they go anywhere they want, but it is mandatory that their original lifestyle rituals be maintained in their original state, to insure the stability of them staying in the new place they're not from here, but they're here now, and all persons regardless of geographical origin, are required by law to maintain the lifestyle guidelines of the original white people countries. colored people countries of origin have been found to be incorrect with their non-compliant rituals therefore, any persons caught selling unauthorized drugs, instead of selling the official brand franchised by the original white people countries will be denied access to their own lives, which have been confiscated for the protection of the original white person lifestyle guidelines set down when the original people who weren't here came to control the drugs of whoever was here their non-approved lifestyles have been seized for confiscation do not attempt to control your own life free access to your own life has been confiscated in accordance with mandatory lifestyle ritual maintenance your life is not as important as your life style your life is a minor detail in the context of monumental guidelines laid down by the original white people countries any life style not of white origin will be identified and systematically eliminated until all lifestyle guidelines are stringently adhered to politically correct life styles are vastly more important to everyone's survival than the actual lives living in the life style the lives are expendable the life styles are not, they are mandatory even if all the lives have ceased to exist, the life styles will remain until new addicts can be regulated according to correct guidelines they must be analogous to the original white people lifestyles brought over when the white people first came here and found incorrect lifestyles being maintained any lifestyle found to not be in full compliance with official mandatory lifestyles has been terminated for the betterment of politically correct life styles its analogous to an aborted baby, why should a child be allowed to live if the lifestyle they'll grow up in is incorrect? better to terminate the life and maintain the correctness of the official lifestyle in place those slots are better filled by new addicts in compliance with stringent regulation that's called "choice", but don't get confused if the life being terminated has no choice you don't get a say in it unless your lifestyle is found to be in compliance or likely to be found in compliance any hint of non-compliance will be answered with termination its called choice because the correct lifestyles have the right to chose termination of the non-compliant, including the probably won;t be found compliant people who haven't actually been born yet it depends if the mother is a lesbian with a higher probability of lifestyle compliance and a good job to finance the regulation of sanctioned addictions in such cases, the unborn will be terminated due to low compliance probability and that is called choice, and since the lesbian's job is a more sure fire guarantee of addiction regulation compliance, than a potentially incorrect lifestyle that hasn't actually been born yet the potential for incorrectness of life style results in the "choice" for termination a lesbian with a paying job will by more drugs than a fetus who might turn out to be an openly non-compliant critic of official policy guidelines therefore, termination is the only logical officially sanctioned "choice" the working drug addicted lesbian is too good of a cash cow to risk the possibility of an unregulated lifestyle being born that is why its called "choice", that refers to the choice for termination in matters of lifestyle, choice is not permitted, nor is criticism in matters of termination, there is choice, that's a right in matters of lifestyle, there is no choice, that's a privilege earned by correctness therefore, the entry of drugs into the blood stream via the lung capillaries will not be permitted smoking nicotine is OK, because even though its harder to kick than any known narcotic its OK because you don't get high, you're just getting addicted to help finance lifestyle regulation which has been sanctioned as politically correct unlike being addicted just to get high, that is not politically correct if you want to get high constantly, you must adhere to the guidelines of ritual that make you appear to be obtaining nourishment or quenching your thirst it has been found that a diet of constant drugs is OK, as long as its a diet, entry of drugs into the blood stream must occur thru the capillaries of the digestive tract the entry of drugs into the blood stream thru the capillaries of the respiratory system is incorrect it looks like you're breathing vapors, not eating solids or drinking liquids addiction and death by toxic poisoning will be tolerated, even marketed getting high thru the wrong hole will not, that is a politically incorrect lifestyle pattern your life doesn't matter, except as a vehicle for perpetual addiction, like a beast of economic burden, who does his or her civic duty to help support regulation by being totally addicted, but not actually getting high, this is also called "choice" you can only get high on drugs we sell, not the drugs you sell, your drug rituals don't maintain an appearance of nourishment, i.e. the digestive tract if you don't buy from us and pay for the proper regulation of your lifestyle the privilege to have access to your addiction will be terminated on grounds of style abuse you will remain a steady repeat customer of your addiction but your access to your own life is a privilege you must earn by stringent compliance regulation abuse will not be tolerated under any conditions, it is preferable to liquidate the unknown element altogether, than risk the possibility of criticism by tolerating potentially unregulated lifestyles even if the zero tolerance ruins your access to what was once your life that's OK, as long as there's no abuse going on you can be a slave and die early from poisoning caused by the addiction financed by our marketing people using your money to pay for regulation of your lifestyle which has been confiscated for the better good and to help finance the elimination of all abuse any person caught abusing life style guidelines analogous to the original white people country rituals and customs will forfeit access to their own lifestyle, until such time as official authorization restores the privilege of access to their own life and the style going on in and around their life access to one's own life and life style is a privilege, not a right the only time you have the right to access your own life is the right to maintain the original white people country life style guidelines set down thru stringent regulation when the original white people, not from here, came here, and brought the official mandatory lifestyle guidelines with them the guidelines weren't here yet, but the people who weren't here yet decided it would help maintain the original white people country guidelines better to make them mandatory by law, no matter where they went the colored people who were already here and lived non-compliant lifestyles before the white people brought their lifestyles analogous to their previous location's lifestyles those non-compliant original colored people who were already here gave up their right to access to their own life style and received as payment for the life style that was confiscated the privilege of free access to their own lives provided mandatory lifestyles analogous to the original white people countries' lifestyles are strictly maintained your access to your life is a privilege, not a right only the original white people lifestyles have the right to regulated all life styles, wherever they go or don't go anyone who is already there forfeits access to their own life and its style because only the original white people have rights all other life styles must earn the privilege to access regulation of their own life by maintaining lifestyle guidelines set down by the life styles that weren't here yet that's why they have the right to grant you the privilege to access your own life style in this country because when they came over, they brought the original white people countries' lifestyle guidelines with them which gives them the right to regulate the privilege of you having access to regulation of your own life provided, of course, your life style meets the stringent guidelines supplied to you by the department of mandatory life style regulation they have the right to control your life style by granting you the privilege of access to your own life I guess you colored people shouldn't have made the mistake of not being from somewhere else by being here in the first place, and having politically incorrect lifestyles in place you gave up your right to where you were already at because people who were somewhere else came to where you already were, and found your lifestyle to be in flagrant violation of the original white people countries' lifestyle guidelines you were here, they were there you were different over here, so when they left over there, and came over here your lifestyle was found to be in violation of the lifestyle over there so all rights to access your incorrect lifestyle have been terminated until you earn the privilege to access your own life with an officially sanctioned mandatory lifestyle you lost your right to your own life, it has been returned to the rightful owner, the lesbian govt because it was different than the way they do it over at the place they came from, which wasn't where you were at, you were already here living your incorrect lifestyle over here because they way they do it over there is different, you lose the right to regulate your own life here but out of the kindness of the original white people countries' lifestyle guidelines set in govt concrete you have been granted the privilege of strict compliance to govt regulation of your life style you should have been from over there, if you were, you wouldn't be in this mess you're in now by the time I quit writing this, I forgot what it was supposed to mean, so its very possible, even probable, I defeated my original white person lifestyle observation, and didn't even notice, or care, as mandated by retroactive amnesia compliance sticker on my forehead, and guaranteed by the official blank stare of pointless govt lifestyle regulation



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