terror at the thought

from: Mugtoe
2:18:16 PM

So I've got the afternoon to myself, and I think I'll take the little tacklebox full of drawing stuff and a sketchpad and walk down the street to the lake and draw or somethin. This turned into thinkin I'd make a pot of coffee and sit in my room and and draw stuff out the window on this, a most beautiful day. This has not, as yet, occurred. However, I have posted a lot of nonsense on several message boards and smoked a great many cigarettes and chatted quite a bit on IRC. I can at least make coffee. I rented The Maltese Falcon the other day and fell asleep watching it. I've seen it hundreds of times, but I get a kick out of it anyway. I thought about going downtown and drawing homeless people in the park outside Orchestra Hall where these great big fountains are that look like great brass organ pipes, but I don't really wanna excite the suspicions of anyone already off their medication. I don't have any film for the camera. I am to quit smoking Tuesday, and I am already feeling sorry for myself. I'm listening to OK Computer, which is always uplifting. *sigh* It is a beautiful day. Summer here is so weird. It's so nice outside all the time. They don't realize it, I think. Northerners are odd people. I am among them in a substantial way, but it is obvious to them that I am from somewhere else. I rather like that, so no biggee. I may blow off the drawing altogether and just take my notebook and go for a walk. I wish I had a laptop with a satellite uplink and DVD and webcam and all that shit. I could set up shop anywhere and the Ranch would truly be mobile. The age of sitting in front of the CRT in a dark room are at an end; they have passed, actually. I want to be able to have my monitor in a visual display from a pair of wire-rimmed glasses and a keyboard that, perhaps, rolls out in front of me or operates from tylemmetry with my fingertips and a split-screen display on my eyepiece showing a keyboard based on the position of my hands. Webcams both in my frames and remotely carried in my pockets would give me capability of making broadcast at any given time. I would have programs with which I could create my own music that would be broadcast both on the Ranch and within my own personal space to a distance from my body adjustable by me from within millimeters to several feet or more. Ya know, there's gotta be a way to do all a that.



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