to: popeye-x@popeye-x.com
to: popeye-x
from: Rodney Minks
monday, october 08, 2001 17:43

how bout we cutoff
balls bitch


Dr. Popeye-X wants to know:

who's WE? you and your lips?
sucking on a bin laden box knife?

lemme guess....

I probably made big fun of one of your most sacred ventriloquist dummies, the one you worship and imitate the most? I bet you even cut your hair to look just like him. And my sense of humor seems to conflict with your infatuation simply because you don't know how to laugh at yourself without losing all your propped up self esteem.

guess what?

ALL you Fan Club Nazis are the same,
whether its Ted Nugent, Michael Bolton,
Osama Bin Laden
, or whatever.

It amuses me that you would be so delusional to even think you, (and whoever "we" is), could ever cut my balls off. What are you gonna use, your
razor wit

I don't think you posses 1/1000th the sharpness it would take to even face these Dangling Wranglers. The way you blindly and obediently suck up to your musical heroes is just a pathetic cry for help, designed to bolster your own lack of any personality or true identity, I've seen your type before, I'm certain you'd only wind up blindly worshipping my balls in the end. Face it, if you had any nut-sac at all, you'd come try to cut them off FOR REAL, instead of hinting: "how bout?".

how 'bout
"come back when you grow up, girl,
you're still livin' in a paper doll world?"

I think you'd quickly sever your own miserable scrotal scrolls with a PAPER CUT you got from dry humping your TV Guide.

Who you callin' bitch? You're the bitch. I don't even know what you're pissed off about, ain't that like a typical bitch? Runnin' that mouth, trying to be a bad ass with veiled email threats and street words like "bitch" Did ya think you'd come off to my readers like you might be some kinda homicidal Don Henley groupie? Or maybe a ruthless hooligan who refuses to take any shit from anybody, and you're ready to back it up?

If that's what you think we probably thought, then you probably better think again Thinky-Winky, because you are not only sadly mistaken... you're FLAT OUT STUPID! Notice how you went to all the trouble to mail me, but you forgot one small detail.... I still don't know what you're even talking about!

I suppose its for the best, since you probably wouldn't even make it thru the first sentence before shooting yourself in the foot. Then you'd be parking that foot in your mouth, and your head in your ass. You'd be looking out your own mouth from the inside, thinking its the light at the end of the tunnel. After a while, your eyes adjust, and you see that's not a light at all, its just your nose reflecting off a big shiny ball of impacted feces...

...because you're totally full of
she's got your balls hanging on her x-mas tree



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