sucker the suckerpunch

from: popeye-x
10/11/01-8:08:41 AM-

I love the way the first few strikes are just 'decoy' and 'cheerleader' hits, designed to get satellite scans every piece of equipment and electronic activity on the ground, also the 'audience' back home has something to cheer at. Then they ease up a little, the enemy thinks, "is that all?", thus increasing their confidence to pull every trigger in celebration, satellites are recording the whole time, one more day passes so the info can come in. Then all hell breaks loose, funny thing is, Sunday's fireworks are only skin deep, but Wednesday's barrage is like sinister can openers with 'bull's eye training', they arrive and open every fucking can in the pantry. Stunned, the enemy thinks, "where did that come from?", because its not only qualitatively better, the quantity is MUCH higher. Not only is the Afghani air and anti-air machinery gone, the "mid-level management" people who don't have their own secret caves are gone, too. The head may be still be hidden, but the smoke rising from the neck stump is unmistakable. But there's no time to wonder what just happened because, suddenly, the can openers have been replaced by Ginsu chainsaws, they are trimming the crust off of all the little sandwiches... but the party isn't till tomorrow, or maybe the next day... wtf? When is this WAR gonna start? If the Afghani military doesn't get a chance to land a punch soon, there won't be enough boxing gloves left in the ring to have a bout. Well, suckers... guess what? This is not a fight. Its a gutting & filet preparation. Fish gonna flop, what else can it do if it can't swim? But dinner is yet to be served. There's still the egg yoke, the corn meal, the hot grease, AND the tartar sauce, motherfucker. And there's a whole bucketload of lil' boiled shrimps for appetizers. Hey, don't eat too fast. This is gonna be one o' dem Arab style dinners where you lay on the floor and eat a whole procession of everything, not just fish. We'ze gwine to have buffalo wings, fajitas, pepper steak, pizza, pork chops, mo' fish, mo' chicken... den we gwine run out and pick up a large order of Cream O' Wheat, so'z all de audience over there [and their camels] will get a free snack, and be able to see the whole show, which is comin' sooner than you think. Dey be naked belly dancers and bongo furry's comin' right to yo' house, so sit tight, they gwine come to you. You'll know when dey get dere, but it won't be from hearing de knock on de door, it'll be the sound of the hinge screws tearin' loose and the wall cavin in. Don't worry 'bout yo' living room... you don't need it no mo'.



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