Re: FUCK the whole stupid religious war game

demitria monde thraam
2:17:56 PM

about ramadan-- i agree, but only this far: it's kind of stupid to do something like say "in honor of your religious holiday we'll stop dropping bombs on you". it would be just like us to do that, too, i mean, just like the USA to do that (just because i live here doesn't mean I side with the bomb droppers) - since the US does other similar things, like drop food packages and bombs simultaneously. just how are you supposed to tell the difference until it is too late? i guess the bombs have the little fin-like thingies on them. and they're bigger. say "fuck bin laden" all you want - the guy's a raving asshole, responsible for at VERY least the other bombings before 9.11 - my jury's still out about the WTC. that's a long story, though. but please don't ignore the patently obvious fact that the taliban is not bin laden, and vile as they are, the taliban is not afghanistan. and the bombs are falling on (i could never have predicted it would be...) the civilians. already it's happened three times and those are just the times we hear about. i dunno, i think it's dumb to stop bombing for ramadan if that's what people in this country actually want to do is bomb a nation back to the pre-stone age. i mean, they ain't stoppin' for christmas. if THEY stopped for ramadan, might make 'em look more sincere. but that's beside my real point. maybe i'm just a fuckin' old hippie dinosaur for saying this, but hell, i think it's neanderthal thinking to wage fullscale war against a terrorist action. this translates to doing the exact same atrocities that were done against the people of New York against the people of Afghanistan, most of whom hate the Taliban and would like nothing more than to see them ousted. but it's being gone about all wrong, because the USA is collectively pissed at something a fanatic holed up there did (justifiably, yes. does not make two wrongs right, however.) think for a moment...what if someone bombed cities in the USA claiming that they're trying to kill Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson? That's what's going on over there. Lotta innocents dying in a very unsuccessful attempt to get one religious fanatic nutcase. This shoulda been a UN police action from day one. We might have had the guy then, but nooooooo, Bush II wanted his war, and all his braindead draft-age followers wanted a war, and now a war they got. and when they find it's not like a video game and not as simple as the gulf war was, you'll be able to hear their minds crack under the pressure of What Shall Dawn On Them. pretty ugly sound. kind of like a brain sundering. i like most of the stuff you write, PPX, but this post was frankly a tad bit beneath your intelligence level which is normally quite high. feel free to deliver a caustic fuck-you in reply - it's to be expected. but dun' worry, i've written beneath my own intelligence myself plenty of times. it happens. and it certainly doesn't diminish my respect for you.



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