The Taliban Is A
Basket Case Enemythe power of old glory

from: the commander in chief
11/5/01-9:46:50 AM-

Delusional Swami Bim Laudnums, drunk on the illusion of totalitarian power, but they haven't got a plane or an anti-aircraft missile to save their ass, soon they won't have any buildings, roads, vehicles, electricity, or people...

when winter gets here, our infra red equipment will be able to spot campfires INSIDE caves

anybody who tries to stay warm will get their wish

the Omar challenged the US military to fight on the ground "and we'll see who wins"

WRONG, camel scrotum, your crack suicide commando squad will not be around to SEE anything if they're DEAD, right?

the US is not even trying to "win", win what? that's not at all why we're there, how can you call it a "win" when your opponent's biggest thrill in life is to be dead? the only reason we would bomb a piece of shit country like Afghanistan is to burst them into blood clots and cottage cheese, and dump them in the nearest dumpster. READ YOUR KORAN, pal, this might be your last chance to try and figure out what it really says. We have OUR armed forces on YOUR ground, soon they'll be chasin' you up your own assholes, hiding your empty skulls up in those

take out your glass eye in case you have to shit AND go blind, Omar, that way you won't waste too much toilet paper wiping the tears out of your eyepatch, your buns are gonna need all they can get after we finish kicking them thru the goal posts and over the back fence

wave good bye to your ass, it won't be coming back

that's ok, you won't have anywhere to set it down since were using it for a soccer ball from now on

the truth is, you don't have time to waste wondering where you lost your ass, your head was firmly planted in it as it sailed into the parking lot and bounced up a camel's butt, lodging on a stupidity hemorrhoid

keep the eyepatch handy, you'll probably wanna use it to carry your left testicle home, if you ever find it

hey, if you're short on balls, and you get a crick in your neck from hiding your head like an ostrich, you might try holding your butt up real high, so the US military can kick the shit out of it every time the merry go round turns around

you think you won't lose this war, but who's gonna stop you? not us, we consider a buzzard choked gutwagon to be your rightful place

what else can you do next but die in your own feces, with blood running out your nose, and laughter ringing in your ears? its not like you can even land one punch after a month of getting sucker punched 24/7 on the US dis-assembly line

you probably think you'll die a martyr's death and will enter the gates of paradise with a pat on your back

sorry, pal, those gates were the first thing we bombed

the best we can promise at this point is to make sure your entrails make it into the
"feed the poor bucket"
at your local house of worship, ooops, I forgot, that went with the gates on the first salvo

tell you what... when your great-grandchildren ask your grandchildren if "pawpaw" was a brave Mujahadeen to the end, we'll make sure to shoot them in the head before anyone can say "FUCK NO, HE WAS A COWARD, ALL HE DID WAS HIDE AT THE LOCAL SCHOOLYARD THE WHOLE TIME"

poor Bin Laden, he's getting so tired of having to drop by Pakistan just to send his press faxes from the local Kinkos, we didn't have the heart to tell him the Xerox machines are now inhalation anthrax dispensers and copies are going up from $.05 cents to $6,000,000,000 a pop

one more question, since you guys are our so-called mortal enemies, and we're in a fight to the death with you, could you shed some light on when you might be able to actually fight back? you're talking real big, but I don't see ANY punches coming from you

murdering innocent civilians doesn't count as FIGHTING, after all, that's just cold blooded slaughter via your own suicide. 

Hint: you need to do some damage to our MILITARY, ya know?

By that I'm referring to  those planes dropping those bombs you're hearing over your house every day and night. Just killing unsuspecting civilians really won't win you any points, except maybe as champion cowards, if you really wanna beat the United States, you need to quit acting like those BOMBS blowing you up can't hurt you.

Its kinda obvious it hurts you, we've lost 3 buildings, 4 planes, and 5000 people, its true, it hurt, it hurt real bad, and you know that, but by comparison to blowing up your whole country and killing every soldier you've got,

do the math Sparky...

and quit fooling yourself, every time a chunk of you gets blown into oblivion, the gaping hole makes it kinda easy to see right thru you. In fact, I looked thru some daylight I glimpsed thru your country's torso, and I could swear I saw our tanks coming up your driveway as I write this

hang in there Bunky, no one is gonna piss on your grave after you're gone, and you have our word on that, however, you might experience a slight odor when you first get poured in the kitty litter box

We'll always remember our most basket case enemy, the Taliban, we will maintain your total lack of honor on the battlefield, in fact, we will make sure to maintain the total lack of any evidence you were ever there at all. How can we if you won't FIGHT us?

Hint: big bad powerful forces don't HIDE the whole time the "war" is going on

The whole idea is to win by FORCE, not just telling lies on TV.

Hint: look up TRUTH in your Koran, I think you may have misunderstood what it means, and how it works.

It seems like you think telling lies and hiding is a "mighty clash". Clash of what? Our tank treads crushing your country into compost slag? Again, consult your Koran, annihilation is not the same thing as jihad.

Hint: its impossible to really win if you're not around say "WE WON!" If you yell, "WE WIN", and then die, that falls under the category of "YOU LOST". The "lost" refers to your lives, but it also includes your country AND the war, too.

Look it up, its in your book. You DO read your book don't you? If you're gonna be a Muslim you have to read the Koran AND know what it says. There's more to it than just murdering innocent human beings and going on TV claiming jihad.

Hint: you're making the Koran look like it might be a big fat lie, just an excuse to murder people of a different religion than you, maybe you oughta cut out your killing and lying in the name of Allah, it makes Him look just as fake as YOU look.

Just a suggestion. One more thing, if you ever actually take a swing at us in this fight, let us know! We're looking forward to that. Even if you just end up punching your own face, at least you can say you went out fighting. Hurry up, ok? We don't have all year, at some point we might have to wrap it up by KILLING you to "expedite" the whole process. We have a saying:
Shit Or Get Off The Pot

the power of fire



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