global warming is bullshit,
so is nuclear annihilation

Tesla said it all along...

from: popeye-x
11/18/01-4:32:41 PM-
Jade, glad you could come in here with these dial-up   demagogs... hint: I'm the only one who isn't brain damaged

Yes, Global Warming, as it is being promoted, is a complete joke, the whole idea that puny little man, can have any effect on Earth's biosphere is so patently absurd. It may be getting warmer, but ONE volcano can spew out 20 years of exhaust in one month, consider this: every single dirt clod on this planet is a by product of volcanic activity, all the mountains, also all the valleys, to the bottom of the sea, every bit of it was formed from boiling liquid rock, coming from inside the liquid core. If the greenhouse effect could destroy life on Earth, I think it would have done it by now... in fact, I'm sure it has many times. This planet has been hit from space by burning rock, too. Consider the lowest point on the Earth's surface, The Dead Sea. It didn't get there by water running downhill. Something had to smack it down from above. I'm sure mankind will never come close to the carbon based fuel exhaust put out by that blast, and that's only one of many. But, it gets worse. Not only is every speck of rock and dirt the product of complete meltdown, all the air comes from the same place. So how did all this rock get here anyway? Debris from the REAL nuclear world... STARS. Every molecule of every speck of molten rock on Earth is the direct byproduct of interstellar nuclear fusion, the likes of which we can't even imagine. Take the biggest H-bomb ever imagined, then multiply that times a number higher than any number we've ever conceived of, and that's how much every molecule on this planet has been subjected to. THAT'S HOW IT GOT HERE. That's where "here" came from. Not just "here"... ALL "HERE'S" EVERYWHERE. So, if all this unimaginable nuclear activity on a vast scale produced this planet, AND LIFE ITSELF, then how could the pitiful activities of mankind put any dent in it at all? The only danger we face is from our own stupidity, our obsession to be totally full of corny-ass BULLSHIT, spoon fed to us by a box with light and sound coming out, we look to the box to tell us what to think, since its way too hard to just look around and use common sense.

Jade was right, most "science" is just a scam to keep us enslaved in our brains, a crude, half-assed attempt to keep us from thinking our own thoughts, going from point A, to point B, and all the way to Z. Most of the available energy is going to waste anyway, in the form of raw sunlight, the Earth's magnetic field, and wack-ass politicians, lying into microphones all day long. Look how much lightening there is all over the world every day. Only a liberal nazi like Al Gore would think mankind's rinky dinky power systems can even begin to influence a system as large and rugged as a planet. Absurd delusions of grandeur, just a miniscule puff of hot air,  Leave that kind of idiocy to religion, where it belongs. The government should concern itself with MONEY, not totalitarian tree-hugger policies from the insane asylum. If science needs a good project, why not figure out what that big yellow sun is up to? It seems to be rather warm, globally speaking. The Earth is a tiny speck compared to one solar flare of one sunspot, which is a burst of liquid fire, 100's of 1000's of miles high, spewed by gravitational flux and the sun's internal magnetism rubbing ultra-violent nuclear elbows...

always remember this...



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