shut up, pack your shit, and get the fuck out... RIGHT NOW

2:20:22 AM

Best way to get fired from a Karlheinz Stockhausen gig is throw in a jazz lick over the top of the sound. I'm the same way. If a musician can't play my music along the lines of the new things I put in it, like sinister chords that sound evil and fractalized, instead of lounge chords from the era of Las Vegas cheeese, just tossing out a fucking jazz cliche made from the wrong chord, instead of analysing why my muic is different and making up new scales that take a small amount of conscious effort to play properly. If I catch a motherfucker consciously choosing to disregard why I wrote the shit, just so he can use my hard work to showcase his preset chops because he's too lazy to showcase his own bullshit, he'd rather save time and effort by using me for something to play over the top of, if I catch a musician consciously doing this on my sessions, he is GONE, instantly. Which means I've already erased him completely before I have time to say, "that's it, pack your shit, get the fuck out, RIGHT NOW". They always think, oh, he's just mad, he'll let me come back when he cools down. WRONG. Now if the asshole comes back on his own and apologizes for his bad decision, I'll give him another shot, but they never ever apologize because they really think they have the right to disregard what a composer wants. They wanna play games of who is and who isn't in charge. They're just masturbators who've run out of dirty pictures to whackoff to. in the last 2 years I dumped 2 guys who thought they had it made, I caught them red handed and instantly decided that's it. And I told them straight to their faces, in front of everyone else, "shut up, pack your shit, get the fuck out of here, right now" when they'd try to answer back, I'd interreupt them immediately and say the same exact sentence. and everytime they try to say anything, I say the same thing, like a really rude robot. Finally they realize I mean business, and oh, what a dick Kurt turned out to be! Why? Because I won't let guys who are faking it take away from guys who ain't faking it? Its my music, its my session. A musician might be playing on it, but that doesn't mean its "his". Whoever pays for what it costs to do it is the owner. Whoever works and pays owns the music. An actor in a play doesn't get to rewrite the text to match text he already memorized from somewhere else. And what happens to an actor who defies what a filmaker wants? He's off the film so fast its not even measurable. One moment he was the star, and the next moment he was being told to leave. I like musicians who are totally willing to grow as a byproduct of giving me what I ask for. One thing I can't stand is a musician who thinks they're too good to play something utterly simple. They act like I'm making them look stupid by asking them to play something anyone could play. So, I let them BE really stupid by removing their existence from the project ISTANTLY and TOTALLY, with no backs. And a "please leave, right now" thrown in. I try my best to not let it rile me. There are too many footdraggers out there. They don't belong in a field of work that's based on creativity and originality. They don't deserve to masquarade as artists, especially since they are sabotuers and ingrates. One thing I have learned the hard way is most people are faking it. They want something, and they're willing to fake whatever they perceive they need to fake to get the result they want. Another surprising thing is how they really think I'm so stupid I can't see thru their act. The only time I am blinded is when I believe in them. Then I am fooled, but only because I made a wrong assumption, not because they cleverly tricked me. They just lied, that's all.



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