everyone has something to say, they just need someone who will really listen...

by Carole as told to popeye-x
5:09:47 AM

This aint the Rikki Lake show - just play together without doing it for someone else - just do it so you can get to a new level past all this... Einstein said " The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them". They decided he was crazy and put him away in a nuthouse where he died 8 years later. He was just trying to warn the world about the atom bomb. What used to be cool science and field trips will replaced by yes/no on/off life/death- stupid fucking digital morons. A good warm tube captured on a medium thats catapulted from analog and transferred to digital has more response than a blinkin Christmas tree bulb. Even then you need a master of know how to ride the mix for expression. ::: People only react to what they are given to work with. I think everyone has something to say, they just need someone who will really listen... and allow them to speak in an unoppressive environment. ::: Sure we are mad but that doesnt mean we get to pick and choose who lives just because of some guy who couldnt get anyones attention. I think the reasons have been clear for a long time but the meaning got lost. There are alot of people worse off than you are who are simply fighting for the right to have a chance to think for themselves. ::: When Jesus died on the cross"He looked down and saw their madness ,they were killing him " And still he got the last word in "Forgive them for they know not what they do" He still wanted them to have a chance to see whats right and wrong and decide for themselves; For The Record, Mr. President ... "Was that kill them all?" But isnt that Gods job? How much does it pay these days? Oh thats right, Nothing!! So I guess were even as soon as we kill just a few more... I mean we havent got a chance to use all this stuff and the taxpayers really want to see us go all out... We could send in the Blue Angels and drop off the Flying Elvises for a twist! ::: Dont we torture Americans everyday with the no hope/no values theory?Why dont we torture them with kindness instead- without mercy! Show them our good side if we still have one left and see what develops.... Its true. They may be the clones that will never make it but its sad that they have never had any other offers or anything to work with but our old War Toys. I just think there is alot to deal with and I would just really like the chance to travel around the world; singing and playing my guitar while checking out the universal problems. I hope I can. However, I was always up for the long haul if a madman is loose sometimes, its best to leave, cuz once you start looking at life - its amazing. Inspirational words: The same thing that makes a baby cry will make it get up and go" Like Babycat!!! I think we should put her in charge. If she scratches em, then I dont trust em!! I think we should only kill them with niceness. Send over a little bit of every countrys best for Christmas. After all we translated all of the Bible from Syrian Clay tablets ...and when writing the King James Version America and England came to a part that there were no words in English to translate (imagine that) they just filled in the those parts with what they thought was best for a controlled world. Excuse me but maybe there were a few typos- maybe celebrate - not celibut!! ::: Control is a strong word. I would say. How about shared environment... ::: OK - Ill quit now. Im very pro-American I just worry about whos in charge. I know everything will work out according to Gods Will anyway. ::: If your gonna go - go in stereo ::: Live life as much as you can while you can And try to have some fun while your at it!! ::: Sorry I talked so much. I had this appeal for peace attack, on my mind... As always I will see you as soon as possible!! Love, Carole



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