Re: Rutles/Spinal Tap/2 different bands

10:12:49 AM

ALICE! Hey! One of my favorite people! Long time no see, toots. Slumming a bit, are we? Let me be the first to congratulate you on your choice to better yourself and join this fine establishment. The stories are better and you won't get your ankles gummed up with all that home-wrecker sleazy cyber-Mayberry RFD bullshit. Plus, nobody will kick you if your monitor is too square or you complain about the management. (In fact, Kurt gets too complacent if he doesn't get a hot-foot once in a while. See if you can get T&T to drop in once in a while to get his boxers in a bunch.) Glad you're here. Maybe my writing will improve now that I know some classy broad is actually reading this swill. Now, to address your post; as of last month, Jamie Lee and Nigel (Christopher Guest, http://www.theavclub.com/avclub3107/avclub3107.html ) are still together. She wrote a children's book about eating all your vegetables - or some such shit- http://www.harperchildrens.com/hch/author/author/curtis/index.asp and they've been married since 1984. Now, about the Rutles; George Harrison, Eric Idle and Neil Innes (who wrote all those great songs) conceived of it as a parody of the Beatles. I stole heavily from it in my post about Stig O'hara (George's counterpart in the Rutles) because I was really, really sad when he died. Not that he had contributed much musically since the 80's, but because "All Things Must Pass" was the first record I ever bought with my Summer/mowing lawns money when I was 13. I saw Concert for Bangladesh about 12 times, back in the stone age when there were no VCRs and you had to sit in the theater to see the damn thing. The Grove theater in Ontario, California ran it every Tuesday night for six months and gave the profits to the charity and I was there as often as I could get a ride. I expected bigger things out of George than any of the other Beatles (especially given the early 70's shit that John and Paul released) and was disappointed that he didn't keep up. Mostly I was sad when he died because it made me feel so damn old. In times like that I'm not one to boo-hoo in public, much less leave some drivel dedicated to his memory on a forum, however small the readership. So I decided to do something else. How that turned into spinal tap and Jamie Lee Curtis' fine puss-ay is pretty baffling, I admit. It should be noted that their children are adopted, so Jamie Lee's pussy is probably still in top form. Maybe I shouldn't say such things in front of a lady. Ah fuck it.



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